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Discussion of Problem 1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!

DPvegetable1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!17 Sep 2021 19:110  
leading zeroes allowed??Debagnik Roy1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!20 Jul 2020 03:021  
ha-ha-haholtaf1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!17 Feb 2020 06:555  
WA test 3. But it answers correctly on my machine...jedianmb1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!31 Jan 2020 17:111  
dp solutionraimkek1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!18 Dec 2019 20:310  
Who can tell me how to caculate 4?liuchang1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!25 Jun 2019 01:471  
A combinatorial approachabid17291044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!25 Jun 2019 00:310  
interesting solution - it works!!))Eternal1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!16 May 2019 12:0815  
One line solution in Python)))ViktYusk1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!28 Dec 2018 03:210  
Precalculate is not neededPearl1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!30 Sep 2018 18:010  
.001 AC solution without memoization .Rafat Islam1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!6 Aug 2017 22:171  
generate all sums with recursionManciu Ion1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!21 Jan 2017 01:590  
Help me with the algorithmnushrat1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!19 Nov 2016 07:110  
Где описание на русском?obukkhov1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!6 Nov 2016 19:342  
Your computer won't explode if you will do like here)))IlushaMax1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!1 Apr 2016 23:550  
I HAVE THE CODESorrowAngel1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!1 Apr 2016 22:291  
ProblemVladimir1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!11 Dec 2015 22:038  
what about odd number of digits? Could someone explain PleaseAnupam Ghosh, Wipro Technologies1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!8 Jun 2015 22:153  
Ruby non, C++ ouiDonald Cameron1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!14 Mar 2015 08:080  
Combinatorial_UnderScore1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!7 Mar 2015 12:512  

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