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Discussion of Problem 1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!

FUNNY SOLUTION (VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED)cena1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!11 Feb 2015 23:522  
good solutionruntime_error1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!25 Jul 2014 18:550  
Working time - 0.14And_rey1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!24 Jun 2013 20:097  
help,please,why my solution fail?mythysjh1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!25 Jun 2012 16:203  
I wan to know the key to this problem,who can tell me?GaoHughes1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!10 Apr 2012 20:372  
Xenia1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!19 Mar 2012 04:482  
helpHumoyun[IT of TUIT]1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!27 Dec 2011 13:020  
input = 8, brute force time out ?Dr Zhihua Lai1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!16 Dec 2011 18:344  
About problem 1044Sanzee1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!15 Dec 2011 11:271  
AcceptedHabib [ Tashkent U of IT ]1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!11 Dec 2011 16:064  
Lucky Tickets prblm helpashwin1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!4 Jun 2011 17:193  
o(100000000)SwSwordHoly1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!23 Apr 2011 23:164  
big,big i mean huge problemAXIS ZULU1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!29 Aug 2010 03:305  
number of sumspanic1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!14 Apr 2010 23:350  
get answer 669 for n = 4hrushikesh1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!15 Nov 2009 01:123  
WHEN n is an odd number,the answer is 1,WHY?chenyuxi1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!23 Feb 2009 10:464  
this test have only 4 test)) they'reZhasulan1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!18 Nov 2008 00:040  
No subjectPlamen_Iliev1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!10 May 2008 19:592  
Some problems about 1044rocksos1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!17 Mar 2008 20:204  
WA in 1 test :( look at my programmAlinA4ka1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!2 Mar 2008 21:284  

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