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Discussion of Problem 1045. Funny Game

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Problemjackkiu1581045. Funny Game1 Nov 2017 13:231  
The test #10liudy1045. Funny Game4 Aug 2016 08:441  
WA#8Juan Pablo1045. Funny Game6 May 2016 21:271  
HELP! I got WA10Felix_Mate1045. Funny Game9 Sep 2015 09:552  
WA #15Xysia1045. Funny Game29 Jan 2015 13:463  
Some hint about this problem.Y.Y.M.1045. Funny Game11 Jan 2015 11:032  
Is test #8 form the problem 1045 a special one?Bogdan A. Stoica [fireatmyself]1045. Funny Game20 Sep 2012 14:294  
Does any body know test #3?Sid1045. Funny Game17 Jan 2012 16:587  
No subjectIrina1045. Funny Game15 Jan 2012 02:571  
Accepted code.Jumbo1045. Funny Game31 Dec 2011 01:361  
WA#7Vilius Pranckaitis1045. Funny Game19 Sep 2011 16:321  
Does any body know test #12?5047964401045. Funny Game13 Jul 2011 13:072  
Can every one tell me why the simple output is that???黄源河1045. Funny Game3 Jun 2009 11:277  
Please add these testsLSBG1045. Funny Game13 May 2009 14:176  
No subjectXysia1045. Funny Game5 Feb 2009 16:421  
O,I need help,can you tell me why this wrong,thank you sherry1045. Funny Game31 Jul 2008 14:052  
Who can tell me what does WA#2 means?BurningARTs1045. Funny Game10 Jul 2008 05:192  
Could someone tell me what case #10 isZhangTa1045. Funny Game27 Dec 2006 20:071  
There may be something wrong in the test #6, plz check it, admin.RoBa1045. Funny Game17 Aug 2006 15:012  
std::vector<bool> crashes at 6th test! Practician1045. Funny Game28 Jan 2006 16:305  

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