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Discussion of Problem 1046. Geometrical Dreams

No subjectsashabusse1046. Geometrical Dreams10 Sep 2019 19:330  
Did anybody have WA3?[SPb NRU ITMO] Niyaz Nigmatullin1046. Geometrical Dreams1 Aug 2015 00:421  
Can I solve it considering every point?ძამაანთ [Tbilisi SU]1046. Geometrical Dreams9 Aug 2013 19:000  
Why WA on 10?kell1046. Geometrical Dreams24 Sep 2012 20:100  
HintPong1046. Geometrical Dreams13 Aug 2011 11:100  
Be very accurate! Use epsilon with at least 12 digits after zero or you get WA15Leonid (SLenik) Andrievskiy1046. Geometrical Dreams20 May 2011 19:540  
Is the sample correct?AkemiHomura1046. Geometrical Dreams9 Apr 2011 09:210  
About the statementLSBG1046. Geometrical Dreams19 Apr 2010 13:111  
brute force is ok!ile1046. Geometrical Dreams30 Mar 2010 05:120  
TLE #13 or WA #12icanwin1046. Geometrical Dreams20 Oct 2009 18:161  
TLE #4icanwin1046. Geometrical Dreams19 Oct 2009 03:542  
Can someone explain? I don't understand the notion of aliquot.xerxe1046. Geometrical Dreams25 Aug 2008 21:451  
rejudge?StarForever1046. Geometrical Dreams29 Jul 2008 17:264  
What does this sentence suggest?gush(gu_shenhua@yahoo.com.cn)1046. Geometrical Dreams29 Jul 2008 17:152  
FormatBohdan Istrashkin1046. Geometrical Dreams12 Apr 2008 00:481  
What accuracy for output? How many digits after decimal point?Mirzayanov Michael1046. Geometrical Dreams24 Dec 2006 07:474  
Any Hint?Miguel Angel1046. Geometrical Dreams16 Feb 2005 00:432  
Is there more than one output for the sample input?chinachen1046. Geometrical Dreams24 Jun 2003 07:391  
Anyone have idea how to solve this problem...Dejan Kolundzija1046. Geometrical Dreams8 Apr 2002 21:321  

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