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Discussion of Problem 1048. Superlong Sums

WA(2) for correct program ??? :(KIRILL1048. Superlong Sums18 Jul 2019 10:036  
WA at test#2, please help !Najmaddin Akhundov1048. Superlong Sums18 Jul 2019 09:124  
Python TLE is there a better algo?thamizhkavingan1048. Superlong Sums21 Apr 2019 10:550  
AC in c++Yucheng1048. Superlong Sums12 Feb 2019 20:340  
c++ .39s , 5300 KB hintHaloom1048. Superlong Sums20 Sep 2018 14:111  
WA, test 2Александр1048. Superlong Sums8 Sep 2017 21:322  
AC Solve. It's problem is very easy!!XSpider1048. Superlong Sums14 Aug 2017 17:381  
Accepted with cin/ cout!!IlushaMax1048. Superlong Sums13 May 2017 20:300  
HINTxalumok1048. Superlong Sums15 Mar 2017 13:490  
How to get speed 0.001 seconds ????Ruben Ashughyan1048. Superlong Sums18 Dec 2016 15:474  
HELP ME (TIME LIMIT EXCEEDED) !! Python how to dosupanat1048. Superlong Sums5 May 2016 22:411  
WA4 - Memory limit exceeded HELP MEsupanat1048. Superlong Sums28 Apr 2016 12:551  
Help me find mistake. JavaTolyanD1048. Superlong Sums21 Jan 2016 21:431  
failed on test 2 , pls help! (C#)TyrionZhou1048. Superlong Sums30 Dec 2015 16:541  
plese give me some testsAybek Bukabayev1048. Superlong Sums19 Jun 2015 00:543  
bits/stdc++.h (TLE) vs stdio.h (AC)Dijkstraido1048. Superlong Sums17 Feb 2015 01:480  
help me! I have TLE (java)Zhassulan1048. Superlong Sums3 Feb 2015 14:381  
Example?Me1048. Superlong Sums31 Jan 2015 01:122  
WTF C++ cstdio and stdio.halexander minayev1048. Superlong Sums1 Nov 2014 17:340  
The same code, different compilersMaximCherchuk1048. Superlong Sums23 Aug 2014 02:210  

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