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Discussion of Problem 1049. Brave Balloonists

Test Cases Here :-)Varun Sharma1049. Brave Balloonists22 Feb 2023 12:097  
Difficulty is overrated👾_challenger128_[PermSU]1049. Brave Balloonists13 Sep 2021 20:502  
WA #1jiyujie1049. Brave Balloonists26 Jul 2019 21:382  
Very Useful AdviceSergeyGlazkov [SPbPU]1049. Brave Balloonists1 Mar 2018 20:460  
WA#12Kirishima Touka1049. Brave Balloonists10 Dec 2017 09:030  
Time limit excedeed test 9 pythonMark_Komissarov1049. Brave Balloonists14 Nov 2017 13:540  
Brave BallonsNiveditha1049. Brave Balloonists7 Oct 2016 20:501  
why my code got WA #2 ? vladimir1049. Brave Balloonists15 Feb 2015 23:301  
Some tips about this problem.ElPsyCongroo1049. Brave Balloonists22 Jun 2014 15:410  
cool idea!!ivan1451049. Brave Balloonists23 Feb 2013 19:341  
I don't know what is the problemDiego Alfonso Prieto Torres1049. Brave Balloonists9 Nov 2012 06:270  
wich is the test 3daynier1049. Brave Balloonists11 Sep 2012 01:120  
what is the crash error?please help me Milad1049. Brave Balloonists7 Sep 2012 16:260  
WA#1 But i test it myself and it works!! TwTmakeshiftching1049. Brave Balloonists2 May 2012 18:370  
WA on #1 ....Dont know why... Provide me #1 plz... sourav_sust_101049. Brave Balloonists16 Feb 2012 02:500  
What is the test4Веселый Mальчик1049. Brave Balloonists26 Jan 2012 23:461  
WA on 4Pumar1049. Brave Balloonists2 Jan 2012 00:531  
How many lines of code your solution?pkl1049. Brave Balloonists15 Oct 2011 19:281  
IdeaTSU: Machvi1049. Brave Balloonists10 Jun 2011 21:402  
AC 0.031s 132K using stlwaterlink1049. Brave Balloonists3 Feb 2011 14:310  

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