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Discussion of Problem 1050. Preparing an Article

WA5, any tests?motoras1050. Preparing an Article23 Aug 2019 04:471  
To admins: Weak testsSmilodon_am [Obninsk INPE]1050. Preparing an Article2 Jan 2019 01:450  
What is the blank line?btas1050. Preparing an Article13 Aug 2016 14:595  
ML :CDebi#FML1050. Preparing an Article27 Feb 2016 11:320  
Hints for WA4Vladimir Leskov [USU]``1050. Preparing an Article23 Nov 2015 19:380  
I've got WA 4Muravjev Slava [Samara SAU]1050. Preparing an Article22 Jul 2015 14:001  
if you get WA#3 try this test case:Adhambek1050. Preparing an Article8 Jan 2015 10:030  
WA #1SeJIya1050. Preparing an Article20 May 2014 04:000  
How to read data in pascal?MOPDOBOPOT (USU)1050. Preparing an Article13 Aug 2012 11:450  
Gimme some tests and answers. I got WA on test #4.Maigo Akisame1050. Preparing an Article27 Jun 2012 09:1215  
Hints if you've got WA 4Petr Huggy (Pskov)1050. Preparing an Article4 Aug 2011 15:541  
cannot understand \parSeter1050. Preparing an Article6 Oct 2010 16:003  
After changing while(!cin.eof()) into while(1), finally accepted ! Happy : )Phan Hoài Nam - Đại học Ngoại ngữ Tin Học TP.HCM1050. Preparing an Article13 Aug 2010 10:060  
Hint: use Java (+)ASK1050. Preparing an Article23 Mar 2010 20:490  
Hint for WA3: blank lines are not that blankASK1050. Preparing an Article23 Mar 2010 20:230  
Always WA #3beststu1050. Preparing an Article27 Jul 2008 13:381  
\\ commandasd1050. Preparing an Article11 Jan 2008 15:122  
why i got WA#1 but pass the examplecaoqinxiang1050. Preparing an Article15 Nov 2007 17:340  
AdviceOlzhas2dy1050. Preparing an Article17 Jun 2007 03:490  
Want translateRiddler1050. Preparing an Article21 Apr 2007 20:090  

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