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Discussion of Problem 1051. Simple Game on a Grid

I need help!yick1051. Simple Game on a Grid17 Dec 2015 11:470  
Correct idea is HEREVlad Veselov1051. Simple Game on a Grid31 Aug 2013 20:066  
algorithmkamran_maharov1051. Simple Game on a Grid15 Feb 2012 19:261  
poor english as minezhongwei10251051. Simple Game on a Grid24 Nov 2011 20:520  
I cannot understand what is going on!Иксанов Семён Александрович1051. Simple Game on a Grid3 Aug 2011 04:053  
I uderstand. I got ACC, thanksnpenate1051. Simple Game on a Grid23 May 2011 03:400  
I cannot understandnpenate1051. Simple Game on a Grid23 May 2011 02:350  
I dont know why!!!visit.er1051. Simple Game on a Grid7 Sep 2007 19:240  
Mathematical proof!Elastoman1051. Simple Game on a Grid6 May 2007 19:450  
Some changes in the problem. (+)Sandro (USU)1051. Simple Game on a Grid22 Jan 2007 23:140  
whi i get WA end please tell me how i mast do it and i will tell you senc your?here is a my programI am david. Tabo.1051. Simple Game on a Grid22 Dec 2006 10:324  
i don't understand why input 5 2 output = 1TestT1051. Simple Game on a Grid3 Oct 2005 20:312  
Ask for sample output ?Tran Nam Trung (trungduck@yahoo.com)1051. Simple Game on a Grid28 Aug 2005 19:194  
I can't understand this problem! Who can tell me problem in Russian(algorithmus@univ.kiev.ua)?Algorithmus_UA(algorithmus@univ.kiev.ua)1051. Simple Game on a Grid14 Jul 2004 23:295  
Xenia1051. Simple Game on a Grid9 Mar 2002 23:160  
Why is the solution...Stefan Ciobaca1051. Simple Game on a Grid3 Mar 2002 19:582  
What's the algorithm to this problem?Li Yi1051. Simple Game on a Grid3 Mar 2002 07:553  
the rule is:killer1051. Simple Game on a Grid13 Feb 2002 23:080  
Wrong answerNazar Revutsky1051. Simple Game on a Grid21 May 2001 02:073  

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