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Discussion of Problem 1052. Rabbit Hunt

O(n^3) accepted fairly easyTabledott1052. Rabbit Hunt13 Oct 2020 05:002  
WA#13nirkhut1052. Rabbit Hunt24 May 2020 13:570  
Hintxyqxyq1052. Rabbit Hunt17 May 2019 14:410  
WA6eurol1052. Rabbit Hunt30 May 2017 14:010  
If you have WA6 or WA3, you have to look on these testsKOTMAKRUS [SPbPU]1052. Rabbit Hunt17 Mar 2017 10:251  
How to get 0.001 sec?Alexey1052. Rabbit Hunt14 Dec 2016 01:121  
WA#6 HELP!Nikita Elfimov1052. Rabbit Hunt28 Dec 2015 19:440  
C++. I've got WA#8, can smbd help?Ivashkaization_polzunky1052. Rabbit Hunt1 Dec 2015 13:444  
How many birds can be on the same line?Polina1052. Rabbit Hunt21 Sep 2015 22:571  
TEST2?robinpjl1052. Rabbit Hunt21 Jun 2015 20:053  
What is logic in this task?AnDRey1052. Rabbit Hunt10 Jun 2015 11:060  
Problem 1052 "Rabbit Hunt" has been rejudged (+)Sandro (USU)1052. Rabbit Hunt4 Nov 2013 03:228  
Does brute force get AC?Sergiu Repede1052. Rabbit Hunt10 Aug 2013 02:422  
No subjectSergey1052. Rabbit Hunt25 Mar 2012 18:140  
test #4 out of bounds?Daniel Mahu1052. Rabbit Hunt9 Dec 2011 14:121  
WA2.. don't use multitest-XraY-1052. Rabbit Hunt11 Aug 2011 18:501  
I wonder the O(n*nlogn) algorithm to solve this problem , who could tell me ? Thx~Yular1052. Rabbit Hunt11 Aug 2011 18:470  
WA#6softdiamond1052. Rabbit Hunt12 May 2011 11:070  
Is x or y can be float? Or it is integer.Cebiyev Ferhad1052. Rabbit Hunt26 Jul 2010 18:552  
What's wrong?? test #2Ras Misha [t4ce]1052. Rabbit Hunt8 Jan 2010 02:170  

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