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Discussion of Problem 1054. Tower of Hanoi

TLE Test #8Sadeko1054. Tower of Hanoi25 Nov 2018 02:170  
What is WA 2 ?ProTreo1054. Tower of Hanoi29 Nov 2013 23:510  
all tests are currect but WA 1 !!!!Babken1054. Tower of Hanoi23 Oct 2013 16:231  
My programm accepted...Jica1054. Tower of Hanoi7 Aug 2012 10:000  
if you WA1 try thisyuzeming1054. Tower of Hanoi23 Aug 2010 08:460  
what case is not obeyed in my code??Ravi Maggon1054. Tower of Hanoi21 Aug 2010 19:080  
Can someone give me a example that its answer is "IMPOSSIBLE"?Roger1054. Tower of Hanoi22 Sep 2009 00:291  
why wa on test 3? is there any '-1' exist??somebody1054. Tower of Hanoi26 Jan 2008 20:124  
So Simple Move BackLocomotive1054. Tower of Hanoi30 Nov 2007 22:541  
why WA? Is there any edge case I haven't covered?AlainDelon1054. Tower of Hanoi11 Oct 2007 19:010  
Look at this AC one!mace1054. Tower of Hanoi3 Jul 2007 18:292  
Get wrong answer on first testAlexei Sukhonosov1054. Tower of Hanoi19 Feb 2007 00:150  
my fast AC prog(input is O(n),but other is O(logn))odp1054. Tower of Hanoi24 Dec 2006 17:144  
What formula?Zubyk Taras(Khmelnitsky)1054. Tower of Hanoi6 Jun 2006 14:080  
look at this AC one,it's very easy to understand!!geniushjs1054. Tower of Hanoi24 Aug 2004 16:421  
(WA) Here is my code in C, could anyone give me some test cases to break it please?Jonathan Yu1054. Tower of Hanoi27 Dec 2002 19:200  
How to find impossible sequenseJuri Krainjukov1054. Tower of Hanoi3 Dec 2002 03:380  
how to find a consequence which can't be achieve?Chen Xiaoke1054. Tower of Hanoi2 Feb 2002 23:011  
A simple problem-> a impossible solutionSimeon Kostenski1054. Tower of Hanoi2 Feb 2002 15:264  
Who solved problem1054,can you give me a example whose solution is "IMPOSSIBLE" or there is no such example?Tests1054. Tower of Hanoi1 Feb 2002 19:255  

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