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Discussion of Problem 1055. Combinations

testsluckysundog1055. Combinations2 Jan 2016 09:031  
What answer if N<M ?Ilya1055. Combinations20 Apr 2015 01:381  
the problem is not worth difficuity 349.. it's almost same as 1049.inatial_D1055. Combinations7 Apr 2013 08:240  
WA5Abzal1055. Combinations22 Aug 2011 22:122  
Why WA in test 2. My code here. Please help me. nguyenductam1055. Combinations1 Dec 2010 13:472  
<TOP SECRET> 15 лет колоний и лагерей будетAnd IV1055. Combinations1 Dec 2010 11:132  
why I get crash(access violation) at test 6?rongyan1055. Combinations5 Apr 2010 12:445  
The algorithm for solving this problem. EASY TO UNDERSTAND !Phan Hoài Nam - Đại học Ngoại ngữ Tin Học TP.HCM1055. Combinations5 Apr 2010 08:521  
please give me some tests. Rasul1055. Combinations1 Nov 2009 08:411  
WA#3Shyu SeiMin1055. Combinations17 May 2009 11:550  
I have a misstake pls help!Vasil Todorov1055. Combinations19 Feb 2009 02:060  
Need help. Solution too slow. Code includedValentin Baltadjiev1055. Combinations19 Feb 2009 01:130  
help me!!!!!!ooo1055. Combinations14 Dec 2008 16:080  
where is my mistake?ooo1055. Combinations8 Dec 2008 21:100  
My Solution is SUPER!Gerasim Petrov Velchev1055. Combinations24 Jul 2008 15:250  
How can I sol;ve this faster?Vlad Ionescu1055. Combinations26 Apr 2008 21:072  
what is problem in my programmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmViktor1055. Combinations4 Jan 2008 17:130  
My C code submited as C++ ,then got "complilation error"?why?Chojin1055. Combinations5 Oct 2007 09:400  
:)Orshanskiy Sergey1055. Combinations13 Sep 2007 02:583  
Hints for those who got TLE~xcheng1055. Combinations4 Sep 2007 19:460  

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