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Discussion of Problem 1056. Computer Net

Idea O(N)Felix_Mate1056. Computer Net4 Nov 2019 15:111  
hintarun1056. Computer Net6 Jun 2016 10:530  
How to make it faster than O(n^2)[NU GYM] I am get tester...1056. Computer Net23 Apr 2015 03:364  
WA2 help PLEASE!Kate1056. Computer Net22 Dec 2013 20:480  
переведите заданиеefg1056. Computer Net1 Oct 2012 15:370  
diametrAbzal1056. Computer Net27 Jun 2012 01:471  
hint on solutionaskhatik1056. Computer Net22 Jun 2012 18:460  
please can anybody provide me some test cases i am getting WA on test 4Anupam Ghosh,Bengal Engg and Science University,Shibpur,India1056. Computer Net22 Aug 2011 16:291  
Why I get TLE when I use forwards star but AC for vector?Power_OJ41056. Computer Net2 Aug 2011 07:180  
:-)))Qafqaz Sehriyar Novruzov1056. Computer Net17 Jun 2011 15:510  
what algo should i use,I had memory limit,then time limit and now again time limi 2.046s 1.037kb?Hrayr1056. Computer Net17 Jun 2011 14:341  
I know 2 souluions,first gets TLE test9 and second gets MLE test 9.How can i use less memory or a little time.Hrayr1056. Computer Net12 Jun 2011 20:180  
How to get memory less than 16 mb?Hrayr1056. Computer Net3 Jun 2011 23:120  
why I was WA5,who can tell me what the test 5 like?uuu1056. Computer Net21 Apr 2010 20:320  
Hint O(n^2)Hanzbrow (TNU) KCC1056. Computer Net16 Apr 2010 21:141  
Can somebody give me some hints on how to solve P1056?abc1056. Computer Net12 Feb 2010 20:096  
I have the O(n) algorithm,do you want to know?Huang Yizheng1056. Computer Net12 Aug 2009 07:343  
Maybe test data is weak?(-)tiancaihb1056. Computer Net6 Aug 2009 14:581  
why WA Orz......PLZ help me`OPheadache_h1056. Computer Net5 Aug 2009 20:560  
is that cool?lamer1056. Computer Net17 Jul 2009 21:493  

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