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Discussion of Problem 1057. Amount of Degrees

WA, please helpDanica Porobic1057. Amount of Degrees15 Sep 2016 00:442  
what's the case answer?Glory1057. Amount of Degrees14 Aug 2015 09:300  
Who can give me some test data? I always get WA.Li Yi1057. Amount of Degrees20 Mar 2015 01:5912  
why Time limit exceeded 7? how to solve this problem?Raximov Ilxom(UrSU)//(r_ilxom2012@mail.ru)1057. Amount of Degrees12 Mar 2014 16:173  
puzzlelian lian1057. Amount of Degrees12 Feb 2013 20:544  
if Wa on test#2,try this caseykwd1057. Amount of Degrees18 Oct 2012 12:410  
Why I always WA test #2hanguangxing1057. Amount of Degrees5 Oct 2011 17:590  
WA 4 why?WAVwind1057. Amount of Degrees15 Jul 2011 08:410  
I'm madMato_No11057. Amount of Degrees21 Oct 2010 15:173  
Any simple approach?Artem Khizha [DNU]1057. Amount of Degrees5 Sep 2010 15:460  
Error in Problem 1057Sardor1057. Amount of Degrees9 May 2010 13:561  
HELP!!!Saturn1057. Amount of Degrees5 Apr 2010 10:504  
Why WA6Rabidstorm1057. Amount of Degrees5 Aug 2009 13:180  
I can`t understand why this prob gives 2 secs...Chan-Min Kim1057. Amount of Degrees22 Apr 2009 12:293  
Is it right?Kopeliovitch Sergey (1)1057. Amount of Degrees21 Feb 2009 03:544  
What is test 2sillyboy1057. Amount of Degrees25 Nov 2008 22:150  
who has the new testdatas of ural 1057 ?lian lian1057. Amount of Degrees19 Sep 2008 00:152  
Some new tests should be added.Burunduk11057. Amount of Degrees9 Sep 2008 02:183  
look this连连1057. Amount of Degrees27 Aug 2008 06:285  
what's the text8?wjt1057. Amount of Degrees8 Jun 2008 15:141  

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