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Discussion of Problem 1057. Amount of Degrees

if input is:1 1000000000 3 13,what is correct answer?dose it output:56?The Answer1057. Amount of Degrees3 Jul 2007 13:026  
Can't find compile errorSid1057. Amount of Degrees7 Apr 2005 10:192  
I find that I'm more and more foolish, how could I spend the whole afternoon on this problem!!BYF1057. Amount of Degrees31 Oct 2004 15:020  
what lib should I use for log( ) and for floor( ) ?thwomass1057. Amount of Degrees23 Sep 2004 12:570  
Why this problem need 2s runtime?Saturn1057. Amount of Degrees31 Jul 2004 14:381  
WOW! How did all of you solve this problem so that it doesn't go out of the time limit?Algorist1057. Amount of Degrees6 Aug 2003 18:264  
How to solve this problem?Give some Hints please!zhangf1057. Amount of Degrees31 Jul 2003 13:081  
Please help me i get WA...Pooya1057. Amount of Degrees5 Mar 2003 16:380  
HelpI am david. Tabo.1057. Amount of Degrees19 Nov 2002 10:430  
Please give me some test data and the answers corresponding to the themMadPsyentist/Sam1057. Amount of Degrees8 Feb 2002 20:500  
I've been debugging this simple problem for a very long time, but i can't get AC. Could anybody help me? Here is my code(+)shitty.Mishka1057. Amount of Degrees4 Jan 2002 21:430  
What does "sum of K different integer degrees of B" means?E.g.:if B=3,21 (based on 3 number system)=3^1+3^1+3^0,then the K value is 3 (2+1=3) or 2(there're 2 different degrees)?Huang Yizheng1057. Amount of Degrees3 Dec 2001 05:330  
My program is very quick, too. :( but it's WA. I want to know ...Zhou Yuan1057. Amount of Degrees6 Oct 2001 04:121  
why my program got WA?is there any input very hard?The Answer1057. Amount of Degrees8 Sep 2001 11:040  
What's the meaning of CE: "Fatal: Internal error: C3254"????LYS1057. Amount of Degrees6 Apr 2001 08:380  
my worktime is 0.03 sec but time limit is 30 sec... (-)PGTU-21057. Amount of Degrees5 Dec 2000 13:452  

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