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Discussion of Problem 1058. Chocolate

The sample output may not be correct.Rotter Tarmination1058. Chocolate3 Oct 2020 16:230  
To adminsdukhno1058. Chocolate8 Dec 2019 10:270  
Why WA #38?dukhno1058. Chocolate13 Sep 2019 07:550  
Some tests needorganmusic1058. Chocolate6 Jan 2017 03:140  
A few tests that helped me to find an error.Victor Barinov (TNU)1058. Chocolate12 Nov 2016 02:532  
Please publish here some testsorganmusic1058. Chocolate15 Jul 2016 02:100  
What is test 3?organmusic1058. Chocolate2 Jul 2016 02:150  
Idea for linear solution :)Punkrocker1058. Chocolate2 Jul 2016 01:533  
what is the test number 2?Eugene Ovechkin1058. Chocolate30 Jan 2016 06:422  
NEED translate into RUSSIAN (to admins)daminus1058. Chocolate23 Jan 2014 20:121  
A question.Gukoff1058. Chocolate2 Oct 2013 14:473  
Test cases wanted (with answers possibly)Ivan Georgiev1058. Chocolate24 Apr 2011 23:496  
help helpSCUQIFUGUANG1058. Chocolate29 Mar 2011 10:370  
Problem 1058 "Chocolate". New tests were added. (+) Sandro (USU)1058. Chocolate7 Nov 2010 21:591  
Problem 1058 "Chocolate". TL now is equal to 1 sec (+)Sandro (USU)1058. Chocolate25 Sep 2009 18:250  
At last I have solved it!!! There is my solutionВиктор (marilyn_manson@bk.ru)1058. Chocolate9 Jan 2009 00:414  
I don't know the accuracy to this problemSqr (5)1058. Chocolate20 Aug 2008 20:083  
Achtung!Igor Y. Ludov1058. Chocolate24 Jul 2008 18:291  
Could someone help me on this? WA @ Test#32!!!!!!TestKiller1058. Chocolate19 Jul 2008 09:030  
what is test #9titan1058. Chocolate6 Apr 2008 19:370  

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