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Discussion of Problem 1059. Expression

Hint.some_programming_novice1059. Expression29 Dec 2019 07:190  
I don't understand the statementmouse_wireless21059. Expression26 Mar 2018 11:130  
Just to knowjohny ca$h1059. Expression27 Jun 2017 23:080  
How to get ACOleGG1059. Expression2 Feb 2010 20:281  
ExamplesIldar Valiev1059. Expression25 Mar 2009 01:142  
I got AC. This is my programAleksey S.S.1059. Expression21 Jul 2005 15:412  
I think this is O(n)PTD_PDP1059. Expression19 Sep 2004 22:341  
<FONT COLOR="Red">What did the matter with timer???</FONT>Vlad Veselov1059. Expression3 Jun 2003 18:400  
begin write(1); end.MirTrud May1059. Expression14 May 2003 17:000  
Do not seek any kind of logic in this problem just paste this! (+)nullman1059. Expression18 Jan 2003 23:090  
No AC since 19-Feb-2002 (Even program that got AC on 18-Feb-2002 gets now WA)Ilya Korniyko1059. Expression28 Nov 2002 00:174  
THIS IS THE RIGHT SOLUTION FOR THIS PROBLEMJuri Krainjukov1059. Expression28 Nov 2002 00:090  
Is the testdata changed? I submit a solved program many times, but always get waaaakkk1059. Expression28 Nov 2002 00:086  
Read it, please.SPb SU #3 - 11059. Expression20 Aug 2002 16:462  
The first test is n=1, and sample output gives WAIlya Korniyko1059. Expression16 Apr 2002 14:051  
I don't understand what's wrong with this problem!!!ECUST Multistar1059. Expression26 Mar 2002 19:241  
To admins: something's really wrong with 1059Ivan Georgiev1059. Expression22 Mar 2002 21:360  
Why n=2 it isn't ...CleverKid1059. Expression12 Mar 2002 17:506  
Can anyone post a AC solution. PLEASE.Gruber Matei (gruber@go.ro)1059. Expression26 Feb 2002 19:321  
Can anyone post a AC solution. PLEASE.Gruber Matei (gruber@go.ro)1059. Expression26 Feb 2002 01:330  

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