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Discussion of Problem 1061. Buffer Manager

WA #1.HHHHEEELLP!!!Accepted1061. Buffer Manager4 Apr 2021 12:251  
Standard Interval tree with sum can be used (-)Levon Oganesyan1061. Buffer Manager26 Aug 2020 01:400  
Solutionkaiboy1061. Buffer Manager26 Aug 2020 01:071  
If you got RE at test case 9Thomas07261061. Buffer Manager24 Feb 2018 13:410  
if you always got WA, please pay attention to this sentence, maybe it's the reason why you got WAyouqiong1061. Buffer Manager12 Apr 2015 20:210  
Hints WA#10 PascalACSpeed - Nguyen Khac Tung1061. Buffer Manager16 Dec 2011 23:400  
WA#3Duzhy Igor1061. Buffer Manager28 Apr 2010 11:261  
I Found the Input Format Terrible!lonelycorn1061. Buffer Manager7 Apr 2010 08:303  
What is TEST#2Bunyodbek Bobodjanov (TATU UF)1061. Buffer Manager4 Apr 2010 09:373  
WA#6hanzhoufeng1061. Buffer Manager8 Jan 2010 17:571  
No subjectKALO1061. Buffer Manager17 May 2009 16:360  
Test Case Varun Kumar(Fundu)1061. Buffer Manager28 Sep 2008 17:320  
I got AC!!!(0.04 and 225K)Sergeyev Alexander1061. Buffer Manager14 Jul 2008 23:444  
Why I got WA复活_Angel1061. Buffer Manager5 Mar 2006 22:461  
Who can help me?! Are there some hints or something like that???Krzysztof Kapuscik1061. Buffer Manager22 Jun 2005 21:031  
Why I got WA ?Alexandru Popa1061. Buffer Manager2 May 2003 13:260  
what does this problem mean?Sum 11061. Buffer Manager14 Mar 2003 22:283  
Why my prog not AC?lyj_george1061. Buffer Manager17 Oct 2002 16:170  

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