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Discussion of Problem 1067. Disk Tree

Accepted 0.156 2 993 КБTakeOver1067. Disk Tree29 Dec 2022 02:142  
wa 5👑TIMOFEY👑1067. Disk Tree2 Nov 2022 10:210  
Everybody who get confused on this problem should look at this!!Drayd1067. Disk Tree28 Feb 2019 08:503  
Hint for WA#1ruX1067. Disk Tree2 Sep 2018 23:110  
If you have WA5tproger1067. Disk Tree4 Mar 2018 23:080  
I have WA8. Please check my tests and add your tests<-UnderFelixAbove->1067. Disk Tree1 Jan 2018 14:484  
My code crashed at 10th testRabbit Girl ♥1067. Disk Tree6 Dec 2017 20:580  
WA7 in C#₰ҟᾷ®ßὂνṑγ (ONPU)1067. Disk Tree28 Apr 2015 22:353  
Nice problem :)Radoslav Dimitrov1067. Disk Tree11 Mar 2015 01:220  
5-testga xato qilganlar uchun 2 ta example Adhambek1067. Disk Tree20 Jun 2013 12:531  
WA #10TakeOver1067. Disk Tree3 Dec 2012 13:310  
Help! Crash (stack overflow) on TEST 10Exia1067. Disk Tree6 Feb 2012 18:370  
If input like this , what will output like ? lyj_george1067. Disk Tree31 Jan 2012 06:306  
WA 5Muravjev Slava [Samara SAU]1067. Disk Tree7 Feb 2011 22:460  
Why wrong answer5?????? See my code.Programmer1067. Disk Tree23 Jul 2010 16:552  
What is wrong test 5QAFQAZ.Alekber.Velizade1067. Disk Tree6 Jun 2010 20:263  
lexicographic order ?tiancaihb1067. Disk Tree13 Aug 2009 11:580  
Wa10 Come in,I hope I can solve your problemRabidstorm1067. Disk Tree23 May 2009 10:291  
WA6,HELP!!!yangqiang1067. Disk Tree9 Apr 2009 06:490  
The subdirectories shall be listed in lexicographic order penartur1067. Disk Tree20 Oct 2008 01:121  

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