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Discussion of Problem 1069. Prufer Code

WA#2 Why?affliction1069. Prufer Code4 Mar 2017 00:164  
O(n)wefgef1069. Prufer Code12 Feb 2017 15:507  
test#4(access violation)LNCP1069. Prufer Code16 May 2015 05:251  
Can O(nlogn) java program get AC?begi1069. Prufer Code12 Dec 2014 23:381  
[Help] Crash #4 ( Access Violation )Nguyen Khac Tung1069. Prufer Code30 Mar 2014 08:523  
Can anyone please explain the problem to me?whatthefua1069. Prufer Code6 May 2013 22:021  
Finally Accept!!!Accepted1069. Prufer Code4 Mar 2013 20:120  
Help me pls.WA #2Accepted1069. Prufer Code4 Mar 2013 11:050  
Test #4nbodea1069. Prufer Code30 Aug 2012 16:381  
No subjectToshev Qulmurod1069. Prufer Code9 Dec 2011 21:150  
Are there any special tests for this problem?198808xc1069. Prufer Code12 Nov 2011 01:1411  
Please Help mehz2zhh1069. Prufer Code14 Sep 2011 23:391  
WHILE NOT SEEK EOFMOPDOBOPOT (USU)1069. Prufer Code28 Feb 2011 23:070  
Some Info About this problemVarun Sharma1069. Prufer Code27 Nov 2009 13:240  
..I am O(n^2) too and got AC..grayluck1069. Prufer Code13 Oct 2009 15:090  
Please give me an ideaGevorg Soghomonyan(YSU)1069. Prufer Code28 Jul 2009 20:301  
Why has the result must be sorted?KALO1069. Prufer Code18 Jun 2009 02:440  
about std:set[neUSU]And_IV1069. Prufer Code14 Mar 2009 00:560  
the task is incorrectkobra1069. Prufer Code20 Feb 2009 13:223  
Prufer code. WA #3Roman Lipovsky1069. Prufer Code26 Jun 2008 01:363  

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