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Discussion of Problem 1070. Local Time

Stupid problem... Clarification must be included in problem description!!!Alone1070. Local Time4 Apr 2018 17:534  
Who give me some tests?ILYA1070. Local Time15 Jul 2017 18:008  
HELP WA #4Accepted1070. Local Time28 Feb 2013 14:510  
All tests hereEzio - Altair1070. Local Time3 Apr 2012 20:102  
A small hintBoyan Lazov1070. Local Time9 Aug 2011 00:012  
Wrong answer 6DNS1070. Local Time30 Oct 2010 17:052  
Wrong answer 6DNS1070. Local Time23 Jul 2010 02:170  
Where is Greenpeace?Dimidrol941070. Local Time13 May 2010 18:000  
Only hyper-sound planes can arrive earlier than take off!!! IT'S UNBELIEVABLE!!!BlackShark1070. Local Time2 Apr 2009 20:590  
HINTDWED1070. Local Time2 Apr 2009 20:439  
Help!! WA on 1st but test in example works!!!!Koryakov Anton_ghost_Anigus1070. Local Time30 Nov 2008 08:462  
WA 1. Help me pleasePechenin Aleksey [Ivanovo SPU]1070. Local Time11 Oct 2008 01:570  
I've got AC in 0.001 secondCyclops1070. Local Time21 Aug 2008 11:211  
how can i solve this problem with this code.Bobur1070. Local Time9 Mar 2008 16:120  
why Compilation Error again ?liuzhizhi1070. Local Time29 Dec 2005 02:284  
Help check my answer? thankssemiconductor1070. Local Time15 May 2005 09:202  
can someone explain me..thwomass1070. Local Time23 Sep 2004 17:241  
why WA? Help! help!liuzhizhi1070. Local Time15 Jul 2004 07:300  
Is it garanteed that there is always a solution?zhangmuyang1070. Local Time6 Jul 2004 21:302  
Technical conditions are incorrect!!! For test 3 answer is 0.(and this is not a positive integer number!)TECTOBOP1070. Local Time6 Nov 2003 17:310  

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