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Discussion of Problem 1072. Routing

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Reading ip and mask on c++v13 [Kungur]1072. Routing21 Jan 2019 14:501  
Cheeck that your program correct convert to 4294967295Kirom `Ekexity [SESC17]💻1072. Routing9 Oct 2018 14:401  
The only possible difficulty. Mahilewets1072. Routing17 Jul 2017 23:371  
please give me test #3Иван1072. Routing17 Oct 2014 00:591  
Please give me test #2!!!12121141072. Routing8 Nov 2013 14:441  
WA#712413061072. Routing17 May 2013 23:381  
data test 2dtchau1072. Routing10 May 2013 18:401  
Runtime error (access violation) test #8quangtanck1072. Routing10 May 2013 09:421  
WA #2 plz help!!!David1072. Routing8 May 2013 23:101  
[ HELP] TIME LIMIT EXCEEDED TEST #2Minh Nhut Nguyen1072. Routing8 May 2013 21:151  
What is content of test 5?[TH2011/1]11123961072. Routing5 Dec 2012 00:112  
WA#8 . Give some tests, pleaseLex [PNTU]1072. Routing28 Nov 2012 19:535  
[Help me] What is Test#3[LTDT02]11124771072. Routing27 Nov 2012 08:301  
To admins (extra space in sample input)ucs61072. Routing13 Nov 2012 10:481  
to adminskyjiange1072. Routing1 Jun 2011 10:133  
WA №4ALL_ZZ21072. Routing3 Apr 2011 15:191  
What I must print in this case:Nazar1072. Routing13 Jul 2010 19:093  
WA 5#Gdp1072. Routing21 Apr 2010 09:171  
to Adminsunlucky [Vologda SPU]1072. Routing20 Apr 2010 19:402  
Why BFS got WA on #8duancanchao1072. Routing10 Feb 2010 18:423  

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