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Discussion of Problem 1073. Square Country

Help!!!OncescuCostin1073. Square Country14 Mar 2012 02:490  
Any Idea Why WA on test 10?Hemisphere1073. Square Country27 Feb 2012 21:572  
Why my answer is wrong?Saimon1073. Square Country13 Nov 2011 02:264  
wa 2!!!Vadim1073. Square Country30 Oct 2011 13:443  
Help!!!!!!!Charlie1073. Square Country15 Aug 2011 22:2914  
递推能过..grayluck1073. Square Country21 Jan 2011 13:161  
Помогите!Pustovalov1073. Square Country13 Sep 2010 21:472  
Weak Tests (No Large Inputs)Varun Sharma1073. Square Country31 Oct 2009 23:591  
Good PointSeyyed Mehran Kholdi1073. Square Country24 Jul 2009 13:232  
Why WA#18?mirsaid_mir1073. Square Country22 Jul 2009 12:150  
Why WA 13??WITALIY[UA]1073. Square Country26 Jun 2009 16:053  
i can't understand BFS, what is it???Bobur1073. Square Country28 May 2009 18:073  
solutionCat361073. Square Country7 Mar 2009 08:132  
Bad testsMarginean Ciprian1073. Square Country5 Mar 2009 19:251  
Here is DP solution. If you know the Lagrange's proof about the theory, please contact me. megatronbiao@gmail.comMegatron1073. Square Country8 Feb 2009 14:470  
Add tests pleaseFyodor Menshikov1073. Square Country2 Feb 2009 20:412  
Why i have WA #5Terminator1073. Square Country15 Sep 2008 15:111  
Please give me some tests.Thank in advance!!!!Search1073. Square Country19 Aug 2008 02:180  
Why is my solution wrong?PopPy Mwit#171073. Square Country7 Apr 2008 12:290  
Could you give me some tests?PopPy Mwit#171073. Square Country7 Apr 2008 12:230  

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