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Discussion of Problem 1074. Very Short Problem

For java solution who get WA 12taodaling1074. Very Short Problem30 Aug 2023 20:390  
WA11Tapti1074. Very Short Problem7 Mar 2022 10:490  
Be carefull: non utf-8 characters in testsEugene Krokhalev1074. Very Short Problem19 Jan 2022 05:480  
Output Limit Exceeded #12 hintCebotari Vladislav1074. Very Short Problem12 Apr 2019 17:220  
HOWTO AC Javaraggzy1074. Very Short Problem1 Dec 2018 18:481  
ULTIMATE test for WA12, TLE12, output limit exceededMikhail1074. Very Short Problem1 Dec 2018 18:404  
Test 5 WA5Aleksandr1074. Very Short Problem5 Sep 2017 15:140  
WA1 java?! WTFcaptainflint1074. Very Short Problem5 Sep 2017 01:211  
WA #7. I have many tests, but do not have the rightIonkin M [Samara SAU #617]1074. Very Short Problem12 May 2017 23:251  
yet another hint WA12c_pp1074. Very Short Problem2 Jan 2017 21:280  
Test #12?superlifter1074. Very Short Problem27 Dec 2016 19:457  
Test #12 Output Limit ExceededCebotari Vladislav1074. Very Short Problem13 Dec 2016 14:590  
Help me WA#2Cristian Vintur1074. Very Short Problem8 Sep 2016 12:590  
Test 12Victor Barinov (TNU)1074. Very Short Problem23 Aug 2016 18:2417  
Regex!Valentin (PSU)1074. Very Short Problem23 Aug 2016 18:221  
if you WA #9 come inHuangWenHao1074. Very Short Problem23 Aug 2016 15:132  
WA2 with reAlexandr Vasilyev1074. Very Short Problem7 Jul 2016 16:250  
for C/C++ try this yuzeming1074. Very Short Problem27 Feb 2016 19:420  
WA12 ?Aleksandr1074. Very Short Problem28 Nov 2015 11:542  
WA3popolwooh1074. Very Short Problem1 Jul 2015 13:430  

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