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Discussion of Problem 1075. Thread in a Space

If you have WA 48...wery01075. Thread in a Space5 Apr 2023 10:580  
WA 48. So strange...Konstantin Verkhoturkin {det} [Licey №110 (math - inf)]1075. Thread in a Space8 Nov 2020 18:513  
To administratorLoky1075. Thread in a Space16 Aug 2019 13:542  
here is the trick!gush(gu_shenhua@yahoo.com.cn)1075. Thread in a Space17 Sep 2018 20:097  
Problem 1075 "Thread in a Space" has been rejudgedVladimir Yakovlev (USU)1075. Thread in a Space12 Aug 2018 19:361  
WA 50!!! what test????gooooooogol1075. Thread in a Space8 Jun 2018 05:040  
To admins: weak tests?mouse_wireless1075. Thread in a Space30 Apr 2018 01:021  
like 1285ASK1075. Thread in a Space7 Apr 2018 23:260  
If you WA #9, check if point A ≡ (coincides with) point BIlian1075. Thread in a Space6 Sep 2013 22:080  
Why does my solution isn't right even on sample test?Ilian1075. Thread in a Space30 Aug 2013 00:115  
TipSirko1075. Thread in a Space30 Jul 2013 22:550  
WA#4 - I don't know whyLeonid (SLenik) Andrievskiy1075. Thread in a Space30 Jul 2013 22:442  
Maybe usefulKNIGHT0X3001075. Thread in a Space18 Dec 2012 21:360  
WA test #8. Help please.hidden_u1075. Thread in a Space26 Nov 2012 02:074  
If you have WA 26Alexey Dergunov [Samara SAU]1075. Thread in a Space5 Jul 2012 16:311  
Help me. WA 10. I can`t understand.Programmer1075. Thread in a Space20 Jun 2012 17:163  
if you WA 9 try thisyuzeming1075. Thread in a Space28 Jul 2011 01:331  
Test 28Timur Sitdikov (MSU TB)1075. Thread in a Space3 Feb 2011 17:170  
need help!ile1075. Thread in a Space12 Dec 2010 00:412  
If you wa 11 try this test:LSBG1075. Thread in a Space16 Sep 2010 15:260  

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