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Discussion of Problem 1076. Trash

Can somebody send me a good algo of min cost max matching? I've found only O(N^4)vladu adrian1076. Trash14 Aug 2018 18:1710  
Why I get wrong?dejiyu1076. Trash24 Sep 2013 16:571  
возмущенияkostan31076. Trash3 Oct 2012 19:551  
1A! But it is slow 0.14s,it's O(n^3).Power_OJ11076. Trash2 Aug 2011 20:220  
WA 32: Does anyone have that test?Alexander Georgiev1076. Trash18 Aug 2009 09:131  
I think, some new tests should be addedBurunduk11076. Trash11 Apr 2007 13:161  
I've implemented Hungarian algo, but for some test cases, my program cycles to the infinitevladu adrian1076. Trash19 Jul 2006 01:221  
Matching fastIgor E. Tuphanov1076. Trash9 Mar 2006 16:250  
hungarian algorithm resourceBFL1076. Trash17 Oct 2005 22:130  
I`ve solved it!!! (+)Victor Barinov (TNU)1076. Trash29 Jan 2005 01:550  
KM algo. TLE on #3. Why? And please tell me the time complexity of KM.Maigo Akisame1076. Trash25 Jun 2004 14:430  
Why I got WA?zealot1076. Trash3 Apr 2003 08:120  
How to change "find minimal " to " Max Match " ?ACM_Now1076. Trash2 Mar 2003 19:162  
Where I can find more about "Hungary Algorithm" or who can explain me how this algoritm works? (I really want to know)Silviu Ganceanu1076. Trash20 Feb 2003 12:513  
I know Hungary algorithm and write such program but I got WA! Help me please!Algorithmus_UA(algorithmus@univ.kiev.ua)1076. Trash19 Nov 2002 10:582  
I hate this kind of problems I cant find something wrong with my program but I get WA?Can you give me some test?Fechete Dan Ionut[dany]1076. Trash12 Nov 2002 11:440  
Finally I made it!! The whole thing costed me 2 days...Petar Zhivkov Petrov1076. Trash11 Sep 2002 21:120  
I you know Russian language you could download book...Algorithmus_UA(algorithmus@univ.kiev.ua)1076. Trash6 Jun 2002 18:461  
I made my algorithm by myself, but where all of you (who solved 1076) took the algorithm?Nemets Ilya1076. Trash7 Mar 2002 22:423  
Need help, please... I need Maximum weighted matching implementation or explanation, I can't find Bradford method on the Internet (+) ...Dejan Kolundzija1076. Trash28 Jan 2002 13:370  

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