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Discussion of Problem 1084. Goat in the Garden

Hint for everybody! : )Pavel Nikolov1084. Goat in the Garden2 Dec 2021 10:065  
WA#4LittleStuart1084. Goat in the Garden23 Sep 2021 01:280  
Why WA on test #4nikhil1084. Goat in the Garden22 Jun 2020 19:291  
easy solution in c++Yucheng1084. Goat in the Garden2 Mar 2019 14:500  
acceptedMikhail1084. Goat in the Garden17 Nov 2018 22:181  
if you have WAAlexander (201 - P TNU)1084. Goat in the Garden17 Sep 2017 00:465  
For whom, who get WA 4Gleb_Kazantaev(NNSTU)1084. Goat in the Garden12 Feb 2017 14:061  
WA #3 Vishakha Banka1084. Goat in the Garden24 Oct 2016 18:580  
If you WA on #9findslowly1084. Goat in the Garden1 Jan 2016 17:524  
DifficultyMarius Žilėnas1084. Goat in the Garden23 Jul 2015 03:051  
Не хочет компилить, а в VS на компе всё равботает.partizan19771084. Goat in the Garden31 Oct 2014 16:501  
пусти козла в огород 146110zol1084. Goat in the Garden31 Oct 2014 01:212  
anyone can tell me what's wrong?mon1084. Goat in the Garden17 May 2014 17:545  
My AC program (do not see it if you want to think without help)happylist1084. Goat in the Garden17 May 2014 17:512  
WA #7 Why?wolfpro1084. Goat in the Garden17 May 2014 17:441  
Precision problem... againVlad1084. Goat in the Garden25 Jan 2014 01:540  
stupid but works :)pera-zdera1084. Goat in the Garden17 May 2013 03:343  
WAStudent_MAT-MEX1084. Goat in the Garden29 Jun 2012 18:441  
>.<Jordan Team1084. Goat in the Garden26 Oct 2011 02:010  
what's wrong with test9?Berlin1084. Goat in the Garden1 Oct 2011 13:212  

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