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Discussion of Problem 1089. Verification with a Vocabulary

cpp ac codeGrigory 'Stargazer' Javadyan [RAU]1089. Verification with a Vocabulary23 Dec 2016 21:492  
To admins: not completely clear Russian problem statementMVM1089. Verification with a Vocabulary15 Jun 2015 09:001  
Why is WA4?(Please help)+riangle1089. Verification with a Vocabulary9 Jul 2014 16:370  
Please, help me (JAVA), why WA 1? My prog gives right answer!!KOTMAKRUS1089. Verification with a Vocabulary7 Jul 2014 11:381  
WA#7? Why?Prosto Misha1089. Verification with a Vocabulary24 Jul 2013 00:251  
incorrect test # 4₰ҟᾷѓßὂνṑγ (ONPU)1089. Verification with a Vocabulary24 Jul 2013 00:222  
Buggy test dataTony Beta Lambda1089. Verification with a Vocabulary24 Feb 2012 16:331  
Please, help me WA #3HACKER1089. Verification with a Vocabulary13 Jul 2011 12:160  
For people who get WA ! There are some common mistakesPhan Hoài Nam - Đại học Ngoại ngữ Tin Học TP.HCM1089. Verification with a Vocabulary10 Apr 2011 03:433  
Separatorsszczepi1089. Verification with a Vocabulary13 Nov 2010 14:200  
Some commentsAlainDelon1089. Verification with a Vocabulary3 Jul 2010 18:441  
why WA#7??? Give me test!!!tester1089. Verification with a Vocabulary2 Nov 2009 04:101  
No subjectKALO1089. Verification with a Vocabulary26 May 2009 22:380  
Use 'eof' to stop your programRoby1089. Verification with a Vocabulary29 Jan 2009 13:171  
If you got WA,there are something that should pay attention!xing1089. Verification with a Vocabulary16 Oct 2008 18:246  
Корректное условие/Correct problemAlen Pelin1089. Verification with a Vocabulary29 Apr 2008 18:090  
hint to ACAnupam Ghosh,Bengal Engg and Sc Uni,PDSIT,Shibpur,India1089. Verification with a Vocabulary4 Mar 2008 13:470  
Can anyone tell me where is mistake?Madiyar Tursunbayev1089. Verification with a Vocabulary30 Jan 2008 02:341  
Here is my hint (WA#2)Alexey Procenko1089. Verification with a Vocabulary13 Dec 2007 01:210  
W T F ???!JTim1089. Verification with a Vocabulary11 Nov 2007 20:162  

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