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Discussion of Problem 1090. In the Army Now

PBDS_TREE SOLUTIONkhdz1090. In the Army Now25 Jul 2021 00:440  
Hint👾_challenger128_[PermSU]1090. In the Army Now8 Nov 2020 18:460  
WA2Dimitar Dimitrov1090. In the Army Now29 Apr 2020 23:282  
WA #3M@STeR.SoBG1090. In the Army Now16 Apr 2020 22:356  
Who can give me an AC program?zzq1090. In the Army Now29 Nov 2019 21:543  
HINT. To all whose solution using merge sort gets WA on test #5.Vladislav Nikolaev1090. In the Army Now4 May 2019 18:570  
HELP! merge_sort gets WA#5 ,who can give me some test cases,please?Fighting1090. In the Army Now12 Mar 2016 14:121  
test data for WA 2 ?Tom1090. In the Army Now2 Jun 2015 12:103  
WA in test #7 ??naros19881090. In the Army Now24 May 2013 20:551  
Help me pls.WA #2Accepted1090. In the Army Now5 Mar 2013 19:020  
fenwick tree rulezzz!!! :-)Ilya Mitin (1)1090. In the Army Now3 Aug 2011 00:264  
RB treemuhammad1090. In the Army Now14 Jul 2010 20:370  
WA #7testujecos1090. In the Army Now16 Apr 2010 03:271  
WA #6 Help me please.........FreezingCool1090. In the Army Now9 Mar 2009 19:180  
Who can give me the test #5Team CHANT - The TESTER1090. In the Army Now24 Feb 2009 15:561  
WA for test #5Luan Nguyen1090. In the Army Now24 Feb 2009 15:551  
TLE#4 with my code, help!!Bobur1090. In the Army Now28 Oct 2008 15:087  
what's the approach to get AC in 0.015s?AlainDelon1090. In the Army Now2 Jul 2008 14:141  
some examples for the third test pleaseValentin Popa1090. In the Army Now1 Jul 2008 19:004  
I know that SBT works!lonelycorn1090. In the Army Now12 May 2008 18:212  

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