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Discussion of Problem 1091. Tmutarakan Exams

AC,but have questionFelix_Mate1091. Tmutarakan Exams30 Dec 2021 12:571  
Simple DP guilty spark1091. Tmutarakan Exams16 Jul 2021 18:470  
One solutionboocoo1091. Tmutarakan Exams25 Feb 2021 19:020  
This problem is simpler than the rating he has ))KostyaRychkov1091. Tmutarakan Exams31 Jul 2020 21:310  
Is it true or notura1091. Tmutarakan Exams10 Feb 2020 12:130  
This problem is harder than the rating he hasscythe1091. Tmutarakan Exams18 May 2015 00:471  
I got AC with time 0.875sdegree1091. Tmutarakan Exams23 Aug 2013 17:160  
where is the problem in my code???Radi Muhammad Reza1091. Tmutarakan Exams22 Jan 2013 19:590  
Sample example. What we must find?IgorKoval(from Pskov)1091. Tmutarakan Exams13 Dec 2011 21:283  
why my logic is wrong! help please!!! i've got WA#4.Bobur1091. Tmutarakan Exams18 Nov 2011 23:013  
Accepted Javamagzhan1091. Tmutarakan Exams27 Jun 2011 14:501  
Give me some tests please!Loky_Yuri [USTU]1091. Tmutarakan Exams3 Jan 2011 07:037  
No subjectEnigma1091. Tmutarakan Exams4 Nov 2010 16:112  
sadpisyn1091. Tmutarakan Exams26 Aug 2008 00:230  
This is my program....Register1091. Tmutarakan Exams2 Aug 2008 15:080  
why?连连1091. Tmutarakan Exams22 Jul 2008 00:420  
A small quentionNeptun1091. Tmutarakan Exams5 Apr 2008 23:521  
Please give me direction! What's the 4th test???QAFQAZ FUAD.H1091. Tmutarakan Exams31 Mar 2008 17:011  
why my code always be "Compilation error"chinacn1091. Tmutarakan Exams30 Nov 2007 19:241  
I got AC (0.015 s)NBH - HBR1091. Tmutarakan Exams16 May 2005 22:352  

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