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Discussion of Problem 1092. Transversal

OLE (probably 9)kirdmiv1092. Transversal28 Oct 2020 20:490  
I cant understand the problems!!!!Xudong_LI1092. Transversal2 Jan 2017 23:361  
Hello. Could anybody tell me how to solve this problem? (See in)Safe Bird (USU)1092. Transversal4 Jun 2016 12:467  
A non-greedy solutionucs61092. Transversal28 Nov 2015 18:071  
Can't pass test number 1Maximus1092. Transversal8 Feb 2011 19:430  
Is there non-greedy solution?VNTU Vitaly(Traning)1092. Transversal17 Jun 2010 03:593  
Can anybody please tell me how to greedy this prob?Maigo Akisame (maigoakisame@yahoo.com.cn)1092. Transversal19 Aug 2008 02:502  
Possibly to solve with greedy algo even nowVedernikoff Sergey1092. Transversal19 Aug 2008 02:481  
I got wa#1..Do anybody has some tests?double1092. Transversal19 Aug 2008 02:471  
TestIGOR_Lviv NU1092. Transversal1 Apr 2008 12:321  
I used Greedy (with maximum flow) and I get WA on test 7 Alexandru Popa1092. Transversal14 Sep 2007 01:401  
OLE 11 help!mj2561092. Transversal7 Sep 2007 20:450  
Problem 1092 "Transversal" has been rejudged (+) Sandro (USU)1092. Transversal16 Dec 2006 19:500  
You can Feel the Power of 'Random'.198808xc1092. Transversal10 May 2005 14:461  
I used Greedy and got AC.But I found that my algorithm isn't right for all case and the tests seem to be always have a solution.Yu YuanMing1092. Transversal30 Jun 2004 22:571  
could somebody tell me what is this problem mean?anson1092. Transversal11 Apr 2004 07:130  
What is the output if there are already less then 2*n '+' signs in the input itself?Petko Minkov1092. Transversal20 Jun 2003 13:263  
Can anyone tell me how to do it , Thanks !!!XueMao1092. Transversal31 May 2003 14:130  

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