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Discussion of Problem 1093. Darts

If you got WA5zwqzwq1093. Darts11 Sep 2021 07:000  
Puzzled by test #5deserts1093. Darts14 Dec 2016 19:564  
epsilonwangbicheng11093. Darts21 Nov 2015 17:230  
WA#5Risto Vanov1093. Darts20 Oct 2014 02:540  
This problem seems to be quite easy and i almost sure in the correctness of my program....BUT WA!!!!!!SO HELPHELPHELPHELPKing Without Kingdom1093. Darts7 Jan 2014 10:533  
2all!Stupnikov Pavel1093. Darts20 Jan 2012 02:022  
if u have wa35, wa82wRabbits_AlMag(VNTU)1093. Darts1 Feb 2010 12:240  
whats wrong with #6 Test?Arthur1093. Darts2 Nov 2008 05:080  
Be careful!Fu Dong1093. Darts13 Sep 2008 22:302  
Does 'hits strictly inside boundary' mean: if dart moves in the plane it always misses?cybrid1093. Darts13 Sep 2008 22:181  
To the problem's authors. Try to formulate the statement of problem 1093 more clearly.Yermak1093. Darts30 Jun 2008 06:030  
Wy Wa on Test 11? Help, please.Someone1093. Darts17 Jun 2008 19:143  
Something may do help to all !!! (according to my AC program)caoqinxiang1093. Darts10 Feb 2008 15:230  
HintVictor Barinov (TNU)1093. Darts15 Aug 2007 20:280  
What's Test 56?I got wrong so many times!Can anybody tell me whyyessit1093. Darts30 Dec 2006 01:234  
Problem 1093 "Darts" has been rejudged (+) Sandro (USU)1093. Darts16 Dec 2006 16:262  
To Adminsanus (USU)1093. Darts5 Nov 2006 14:040  
I love this problem very much! It's cool! Love geometry! Love TIMUS!Ilya Rasenstein (Lyceum #40)1093. Darts2 Jan 2006 00:382  
Some questionsSamsonov Alex [USU]1093. Darts1 Sep 2005 23:491  
Why WA #3 ?????????REM1093. Darts23 Jun 2005 18:532  

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