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Discussion of Problem 1094. E-screen

Why my program wrong in 4 test? give some tests!!! help plz (s menya pivo)Tolstobrov_Anatoliy[Ivanovo SPU]1094. E-screen4 Aug 2018 10:086  
Runtiime Error on submission. Can't replicate error on my computer.James Gregory1094. E-screen17 Oct 2017 00:190  
КАК читать пробелы в C++And IV1094. E-screen23 Mar 2015 21:184  
Can I use "gets(str)"?Mickkie1094. E-screen1 May 2014 04:481  
help for wa 9fredAC1094. E-screen12 Nov 2012 19:392  
WA#1 - ok from text file but not ok on server -WindowsBerbinschi Tudor1094. E-screen21 Mar 2012 22:450  
WA #1 :: Windows end-of-line[MAI] iLoveDiscreteAnalysis1094. E-screen11 Mar 2012 12:540  
for wa#1vahan1094. E-screen23 Jul 2011 03:391  
WA on test4EH1094. E-screen27 Sep 2010 14:380  
Strange problem! (for those who has wa 1)Slam [Tartu U]1094. E-screen12 Aug 2010 11:332  
ADMINS!WHY WA#1???1231094. E-screen31 May 2010 20:053  
Why I WA for the text one?But i have passed the example text?zslwyuan1094. E-screen31 Dec 2009 10:441  
Help for WA 1Oleg Strekalovsky [Vologda SPU]1094. E-screen28 Sep 2009 14:151  
Tips if you get WA or CrashStjepan Glavina1094. E-screen11 Nov 2008 15:332  
I got an AC!Grigory 'Stargazer' Javadyan [RAU]1094. E-screen19 Oct 2008 16:020  
For Everybody Who Had WA!! like MENujarin1094. E-screen16 Oct 2008 00:172  
i think i misunder stand this problem!!Bobur1094. E-screen20 Feb 2008 22:570  
Please help.I don't understand the task.Thank!!!CHIDEMYAN SERGEY1094. E-screen9 Feb 2008 02:010  
Writing!?Pier Paolo Guillen Hernandez1094. E-screen17 Dec 2007 16:133  
For all who has WA!!!Dima1094. E-screen14 Sep 2007 22:052  

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