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Discussion of Problem 1099. Work Scheduling

weak testsVit Demidenko1099. Work Scheduling15 Jun 2021 21:000  
If blossom's writer gets WA12 ...Mickkie1099. Work Scheduling13 Jan 2020 22:191  
Does anybody want to know the best algorithm for this problem.My program use only 0.03 sec to get accepted.
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Huang Yizheng1099. Work Scheduling2 May 2014 01:1259  
Why are blossoms needed?Carlos Colmenares1099. Work Scheduling31 Jan 2013 23:260  
who can give me some wa data??although I know my solution is wa.ben3ben1099. Work Scheduling17 Apr 2012 17:001  
Very userful paper! Modified DFS to solve mathchig without flowers treeRybKMU1099. Work Scheduling4 Feb 2012 04:584  
about judge?ckl19941099. Work Scheduling17 May 2011 05:580  
why wr on test 12#DSLZTX1099. Work Scheduling12 Apr 2011 17:571  
I just used dfs with a little change and I ACed my program in 0.04 sec.shrek1099. Work Scheduling6 Mar 2011 10:164  
Who can give test#1cloudygooose1099. Work Scheduling20 Aug 2010 12:150  
some tests...Oracle[Lviv NU]1099. Work Scheduling20 Aug 2010 10:552  
Please help me WA2 can you give me some test aganist it?Edric Mao1099. Work Scheduling10 Aug 2010 17:260  
Problem 1099 "Work scheduling" has been rejudgedVladimir Yakovlev (USU)1099. Work Scheduling31 May 2010 13:391  
Disaster WA#64lrcrichard1099. Work Scheduling17 Apr 2010 18:390  
why WA#61?Gary1099. Work Scheduling1 Apr 2010 18:400  
Problem 1099 "Work scheduling" has been rejudgedVladimir Yakovlev (USU)1099. Work Scheduling20 Jul 2009 12:340  
Give me some another tests, pleaseigor21031099. Work Scheduling30 Jun 2009 07:510  
Project on Edmonds` flower tree algorithmHeypaBHoBeceH1099. Work Scheduling29 Jun 2009 18:330  
WA#57...StarForever1099. Work Scheduling17 Jan 2007 20:392  
Problem 1099 "Work scheduling" has been rejudged (+)Vladimir Yakovlev (USU)1099. Work Scheduling23 Dec 2006 02:020  

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