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Discussion of Problem 1100. Final Standings

Why my code doesn't work?Sequence is wrong,but only'16 3'and'20 3'. Even the '22 4' and '26 4' are right.jingyi Ma1100. Final Standings21 Jan 2020 17:211  
for python use sys.stdinai123ia1100. Final Standings12 Nov 2019 16:282  
Python3 MLE на 11 тесте Desserg1100. Final Standings12 Nov 2019 16:260  
Is it broken for Python3?Kirill Glebov1100. Final Standings3 Oct 2019 03:033  
BUBBLE_SORT?АРТЕМ1100. Final Standings2 Aug 2019 16:431  
python 3.6 hintBergus1100. Final Standings18 Jun 2019 17:310  
sort ACxyqxyq1100. Final Standings7 May 2019 08:050  
AC in c++ using stable_sortYucheng1100. Final Standings15 Feb 2019 11:430  
почему именно stable_sort? c++Faxriddin1100. Final Standings20 Nov 2018 13:271  
Why not working Python 3.6Daniil1100. Final Standings26 Sep 2018 20:380  
TLE №11. Python 3.4Darkness1100. Final Standings20 Aug 2018 16:270  
Why my code doesn't work with c++ 'sort' ? But it works fine with stable_sort o_Osirius_lyra1100. Final Standings9 Aug 2018 06:092  
Why Runtime error(access violation)????Scaletta_Z1100. Final Standings21 May 2018 21:540  
test #2 help plzus1ng_nam3spac3_std (MAI #22)1100. Final Standings19 May 2018 05:450  
Failing Test #3 although stable sort is implementedPzixel1100. Final Standings16 May 2018 04:430  
How do we have a stable sort better than the builtin timsort in Python?Kitchen Tong1100. Final Standings29 Mar 2018 15:010  
correct 🐱Obelix1100. Final Standings10 Mar 2018 08:350  
runtime error #4MassterMax1100. Final Standings7 Dec 2017 12:021  
Um... OkayFast Bastards1100. Final Standings7 Dec 2017 12:000  
Its easy if use STL stable_sortmarik_karaev1100. Final Standings24 Nov 2017 06:061  

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