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Discussion of Problem 1101. Robot in the Field

easy bfs👑TIMOFEY👑`~1101. Robot in the Field20 Nov 2023 14:421  
Who can give me test #5 ???Truong Thanh Tung1101. Robot in the Field12 Apr 2023 21:263  
HintPrankMaN1101. Robot in the Field3 Jun 2020 22:550  
ACqwertyqwe1101. Robot in the Field6 Sep 2019 23:300  
What is a correct boolean expression?LX&R Bacherikov1101. Robot in the Field19 Mar 2019 03:461  
HELP!! I GOT WA 6Napoloen-Ding1101. Robot in the Field10 May 2018 00:202  
Why Wa3yuzeming1101. Robot in the Field28 Jan 2016 05:301  
RUN TIME ERROR hariharasathyanarayanan1101. Robot in the Field21 Dec 2015 22:091  
A little question(+)Ural_Happy New Year!1101. Robot in the Field19 Dec 2015 08:462  
Useful Test SampleShayan Modiri1101. Robot in the Field22 Dec 2014 11:310  
why wa text#10? Help,thankswjt1101. Robot in the Field4 Nov 2013 21:253  
If you have WA14Birne Ageev [USU] (Psych up club)1101. Robot in the Field9 Jul 2013 02:290  
Some trash at the end of the files.-XraY-1101. Robot in the Field25 Oct 2011 03:240  
Tricky testOstap Korkuna (Lviv NU)1101. Robot in the Field11 Aug 2010 17:174  
WHY WA14?LX&R Bacherikov [KNU im.T.Shevchenka]1101. Robot in the Field11 Jun 2010 11:292  
Easy taskAXIS1101. Robot in the Field15 Jul 2008 02:135  
Can anybody tell me what's the test#14..?double1101. Robot in the Field22 Jun 2008 07:301  
What's on Test #14davidsun1101. Robot in the Field19 Oct 2007 21:020  
Problem 1101 "Robot In The Field" has been rejudged (+) Sandro (USU)1101. Robot in the Field23 Dec 2006 01:080  
To Admins: was smthing changed in this problem?Ostap Korkuna (Lviv NU)1101. Robot in the Field22 Dec 2006 18:141  

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