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Discussion of Problem 1102. Strange Dialog

For those who dont know how to solve itOlzhas2dy1102. Strange Dialog5 Aug 2021 21:557  
VERY SIMPLE SOLUTION.c_pp1102. Strange Dialog13 Oct 2020 00:292  
Don't be afraid to use stringSkeef791102. Strange Dialog13 Jun 2019 20:210  
deleteViktor Krivoshchekov`~1102. Strange Dialog10 May 2019 23:080  
suggestions for wa1OIer_cjf1102. Strange Dialog12 Dec 2018 14:394  
WA#1 TESTTShT1102. Strange Dialog28 Aug 2018 23:320  
HOW TO READ IN JAVA?shagi1102. Strange Dialog15 Mar 2018 18:471  
About WA1Pavel Kurochkin1102. Strange Dialog1 Nov 2017 18:210  
really don't understand how somebody got AC in 0.001sAde1102. Strange Dialog2 May 2017 12:161  
for C++ programmers💻Evgeny Nemtsev [UrFU]`1102. Strange Dialog9 Feb 2017 17:380  
whz i ve got wa1 at pc passes all testsLiSu1102. Strange Dialog21 Aug 2016 03:152  
TLE on first testSergeiEgorov1102. Strange Dialog12 Jul 2015 03:290  
although slower than DFA, AC with kmp ( 0.625 sec)muhammad1102. Strange Dialog24 May 2014 01:071  
How to do it faster than 0.4 secondsWhiteMan1102. Strange Dialog21 Apr 2014 21:430  
Help please)! Why WA 1? I check my Pascal code and the answer is right!KOTMAKRUS1102. Strange Dialog14 Apr 2014 19:121  
WA_1:( guys, im trying to solve it for ages, please give me any advice...BORODA1102. Strange Dialog10 Dec 2013 21:110  
How to read in Java?ace.Vendigo1102. Strange Dialog19 Sep 2013 03:311  
Some tests for ...Oleg Strekalovsky aka OSt [Vologda SPU]1102. Strange Dialog17 Jul 2013 10:235  
please help me! Memory limit exceededMariana1102. Strange Dialog12 Jul 2013 17:353  
Similarity to P1148raggzy1102. Strange Dialog20 May 2013 00:060  

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