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Discussion of Problem 1103. Pencils and Circles

Add new test, please.-XraY-1103. Pencils and Circles24 Feb 2020 12:162  
Помогите разобраться (кто решил)!Felix_Mate1103. Pencils and Circles27 Jan 2018 13:490  
where i wrong?Felix_Mate1103. Pencils and Circles21 Dec 2017 15:190  
How to solve this problem without long arithmetic?Felix_Mate1103. Pencils and Circles10 Aug 2017 16:380  
wrong tests! n >= 3!-XraY-1103. Pencils and Circles28 Mar 2017 00:042  
My algo complexity is O(n^4), Is it exists any more efficient? (-)Victor Barinov (TNU)1103. Pencils and Circles9 Jan 2017 20:555  
wa4scorpiowf1103. Pencils and Circles2 Sep 2014 23:511  
WA 7Mamuka Sakhelashvili [Freeuni]1103. Pencils and Circles19 Feb 2014 01:360  
WA #2vietlong1103. Pencils and Circles11 Aug 2011 23:210  
What algorithm should you use? Random and nothing more...Loky_Yuri [USTU]1103. Pencils and Circles27 Jan 2011 00:261  
Can a square of an integer number be negative?Sergey Baskakov, Raphail and Denis1103. Pencils and Circles12 Aug 2010 17:321  
HintsBFL1103. Pencils and Circles26 Jun 2010 00:041  
I got WA on test #7Zhang Chihao1103. Pencils and Circles2 Jun 2008 06:472  
WA 12, need help.Razdolbay from SIS1103. Pencils and Circles26 Feb 2008 23:410  
WA3Anton Lun'ov1103. Pencils and Circles7 Jan 2008 04:380  
Problem 1103 "Pensils and Circles" has been rejudged (+)Sandro (USU)1103. Pencils and Circles10 Apr 2007 18:115  
AC!!![NU GYM] I am get tester...1103. Pencils and Circles3 Jan 2006 17:230  
if you got wa at #10 in pascal...........Erwin (erwin_hotshot@hotmail.com)1103. Pencils and Circles10 Nov 2005 13:271  
Has anybody got this problem accepted in C++?Nick Permyakov1103. Pencils and Circles16 Aug 2005 14:454  
CoordinatesUNKNOWN_LAMER1103. Pencils and Circles5 Aug 2005 12:552  

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