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Discussion of Problem 1108. Heritage

why greedy is right?Edric Mao1108. Heritage27 Dec 2020 11:434  
Почему WA 1?DarkSun19971108. Heritage22 Jan 2018 21:496  
Java BigInteger...tiancaihb1108. Heritage9 Jan 2017 17:551  
I can find the way to solve this problem but i can't use operate with bignum. Can anyone give me any trick or hint???Badd1108. Heritage9 Jan 2017 17:203  
To adminsSButterfly [Samara SAU]1108. Heritage2 Apr 2015 22:160  
Why have I always got WA on #1 ? (python)OIdiot1108. Heritage2 Apr 2015 22:141  
Who knows about java?YSYMYTH1108. Heritage4 Jul 2012 09:302  
AC --WITHOUT CHEATING-- in 0.156s (361 kb)Rafikov Ramil1108. Heritage21 Oct 2009 00:451  
algorithmHanzbrow (TNU) KCC1108. Heritage18 Sep 2009 00:140  
CRAZYAnd IV1108. Heritage30 Aug 2008 12:351  
Why this code can't got AC?Romko [Lviv NU]1108. Heritage8 Jul 2008 15:372  
0.031 sec and got ACCEPTEDSimonenko Vladislav1108. Heritage24 Oct 2006 00:345  
For N = 18, how large will the last number of the answer be? (-)Renato Baba1108. Heritage1 Oct 2004 18:082  
How about n=1?longzeling881108. Heritage30 Aug 2004 22:251  
It is imposible to solve this problem with time < 5 sec with honest program!Nazarov Denis (nsc2001@rambler.ru)1108. Heritage9 Apr 2004 13:106  
will the church get the heritage like the form 1/k?lz1108. Heritage4 Aug 2003 18:231  
Please help!!! (almosat correct program inside)Vlad Ionescu1108. Heritage9 Jul 2003 07:222  
please give me any trick for multiplying bignum ! i got tl and why solution for a(n) is...TheBlaNK1108. Heritage2 Jul 2003 21:332  
Is there RELLY an o(n) algorithm?CleverKid1108. Heritage26 Jan 2003 09:213  
Please give me method or program, what multiple 2 bignum for O(N^1.5)! My E-Mail: Resolver@Ufacom.ru. Please. It's needly for me!Reshetnikov Eugeny1108. Heritage18 Jan 2003 00:520  

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