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Discussion of Problem 1112. Cover

Can you help me?Nike_11112. Cover3 Dec 2010 12:400  
12Testfallen1112. Cover4 Jul 2010 22:511  
What's test 4?LuckyLQD1112. Cover6 May 2010 00:372  
If you have WA #6SubmitRush1112. Cover1 Oct 2009 17:020  
to admins: test #5nikonoff (ONPU)1112. Cover3 Sep 2009 01:071  
For Everyone Who WA5mfs6661112. Cover26 Jul 2009 18:130  
What to do with output formatbsu.mmf.team1112. Cover7 May 2009 22:110  
If you have WA 14 =)Oleg Strekalovsky [Vologda SPU]1112. Cover22 Mar 2009 15:140  
To Admins!!!Desperados[KhAI] >> Starov_Lesha1112. Cover15 Mar 2009 12:363  
For everyone who got WA5Olzhas aka Whale2dy1112. Cover7 Mar 2009 08:281  
I got WA on test#5 but my program is correct in all of the tests which are in other topics!williamljb1112. Cover8 Jan 2009 13:240  
I know why you got WA at #4CmYkRgB1231112. Cover31 Oct 2008 10:380  
Can someone expalin me the sample?Denis1112. Cover25 Jun 2008 02:572  
Pls some1 tell me what 's the TEST#1manishmmulani1112. Cover26 Dec 2007 16:480  
Getting wrong answer for test 1.. pls helpmanishmmulani1112. Cover22 Dec 2007 17:380  
give me some test where this program works wrong!!!Julius Canute1112. Cover19 Oct 2007 12:470  
Give me some test,Pleasemj2561112. Cover24 Sep 2007 20:092  
WA on test 1,it is terrible!bbs.hasea.com1112. Cover18 Sep 2007 20:480  
I also find that there may be something wrong in test #5, please check it.alvin1112. Cover16 Sep 2007 04:590  
Weak testsLoky_Yuri [USTU]1112. Cover13 Sep 2007 09:412  

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