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Discussion of Problem 1113. Jeep

Literature in RussianAndrewy1113. Jeep7 Aug 2019 19:270  
To admins AC and wrong answerWhiteMan1113. Jeep10 Sep 2014 13:190  
HELP!!! Time limit exceeded 0.531secChukharev1113. Jeep21 Jun 2014 02:271  
accepted C/C++Sunnat1113. Jeep23 Oct 2012 00:040  
Tell me how solve this problemTurdubek1113. Jeep27 Jan 2011 16:391  
Help meTurdubek1113. Jeep25 Jan 2011 19:210  
Shortest AC program: if(m<=2)f=n;else for(f=m;n-->m;f+=(f-m)/(m-2)*2+3); Can anybody do better?Marko Tintor (marko@pkj.co.yu)1113. Jeep30 Aug 2009 17:574  
Please C++ help... Crash_access_violation1113. Jeep24 Aug 2009 22:500  
Very good problemImran Yusubov1113. Jeep13 Aug 2009 18:060  
Very good problemImran Yusubov1113. Jeep13 Aug 2009 18:060  
Where is mistake?Drema [KhAI] Tihov Ilya1113. Jeep11 Jun 2009 14:200  
ExplanationDenis1113. Jeep30 Apr 2009 22:515  
too easy.....Here's my ACP.HandsomeG1113. Jeep10 Feb 2009 01:422  
How to solve?Piratek-(akaDK)1113. Jeep24 Jul 2008 18:272  
Very good problemVC15 (Orel STU)1113. Jeep11 Sep 2007 02:481  
Strange problem descriptionVC15 (Orel STU)1113. Jeep23 Aug 2007 00:441  
Why Crash????????kkkkk1113. Jeep22 Dec 2005 17:452  
i did not anderstend this problem. Help me// PLEASE\\Виктор Крупко1113. Jeep17 Jul 2005 02:274  
help !!!why wrong answer?gwc_chin1113. Jeep16 Apr 2003 18:560  
Can anyone hint on the mathematics involved?(+)asif1113. Jeep17 Jan 2003 22:250  

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