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Discussion of Problem 1115. Ships

Such easy problem , A big Hint !XueMao1115. Ships9 Mar 2017 14:092  
is this TEST10 ?esbybb1115. Ships12 Oct 2016 22:562  
Please help with solutiong00d1115. Ships15 Apr 2016 03:301  
Is the length of the row exactly the same as the sum of the length of ships in it? yuelin1115. Ships13 Feb 2016 14:411  
WA10, ask for test caseinvokerj1115. Ships28 Dec 2013 15:460  
help pleaseantonluzhbin1115. Ships23 Mar 2012 12:080  
Is there only one solution for test?Max1115. Ships1 Mar 2012 00:350  
ship and row's length can be zeroEnzo1115. Ships18 Jun 2010 19:320  
Whole numbers?SkidanovAlex1115. Ships8 Jan 2010 16:272  
My AC solutionDenis Koshman1115. Ships1 Feb 2009 22:102  
What's wrong with my code? I got WA on Test #2Yuplis1115. Ships29 Nov 2008 09:411  
I just used DFS and got AC with 0.001s!Fu Dong1115. Ships26 Aug 2007 16:573  
To "Fu Dong" : Do you have to sort row's length? ThanksNguyễn Đình Tư (DHSP)1115. Ships22 Aug 2007 14:074  
I had done my best but my program still be tle on test 14...need help...FailedWing1115. Ships16 Aug 2007 19:201  
I've past itcai niao1115. Ships16 Aug 2007 19:151  
ACed in 0.001 :Dshrek1115. Ships2 Nov 2006 11:100  
I can't understand the problem (at least I get WA1)Tbilisi SU: Eldar Bogdanov1115. Ships1 Nov 2006 19:072  
Problem 1115 "Ships". New tests?Vladimir Yakovlev (USU)1115. Ships24 Aug 2006 11:5413  
Can I use recoursive search ? Help me pleaseDostoyevsky1115. Ships31 May 2006 04:340  
2 different ways of DFS- GO -1115. Ships11 Feb 2006 19:132  

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