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Discussion of Problem 1116. Piecewise Constant Function

This test helped me with WA10Levon Oganesyan1116. Piecewise Constant Function1 Mar 2020 20:050  
WA 10Arseniy1116. Piecewise Constant Function28 Jun 2019 03:040  
For WA#9Dmitri Belous1116. Piecewise Constant Function17 Sep 2017 16:160  
Что лучше сделать,чтобы сдать задачуFelix_Mate1116. Piecewise Constant Function25 Aug 2015 22:020  
Lang limitMOPDOBOPOT (USU)1116. Piecewise Constant Function21 Oct 2014 13:040  
Problem with timeNarek X1116. Piecewise Constant Function5 Aug 2014 18:000  
Problem 1116 "Piecewise Constant Function" has been rejudged.Sandro (USU)1116. Piecewise Constant Function17 Aug 2013 14:420  
To admins.szczepi1116. Piecewise Constant Function17 Aug 2013 11:492  
Hint for test#10Nguyễn Kim Vỹ1116. Piecewise Constant Function7 Sep 2010 07:552  
Hmf. Error in test #10Yegor Suvorov1116. Piecewise Constant Function23 Jul 2010 00:572  
Test #10Yuri1116. Piecewise Constant Function4 Jul 2010 18:198  
Test 10 - WA Someone1116. Piecewise Constant Function3 Jul 2010 22:333  
Test #3FlashKa1116. Piecewise Constant Function12 May 2010 23:571  
Why I get WA? Pelase, help me!!!!!!!Revenger and NSC1116. Piecewise Constant Function16 Oct 2009 17:373  
2 admins2rf [Perm School #9]1116. Piecewise Constant Function21 Aug 2009 23:221  
Look here!!!Crash_access_violation1116. Piecewise Constant Function8 Mar 2009 22:171  
A useful test for Test #8xcheng1116. Piecewise Constant Function13 Aug 2007 10:310  
help me Wa on test 8mj2561116. Piecewise Constant Function12 Aug 2007 11:590  
Here some tests... Maybe they will help somebody... :)LeXuS[Alex Kalugin]1116. Piecewise Constant Function3 Aug 2007 20:313  
WHY I GET CRASH(ACCESS VIOLATION) ON TEST 10?HELP ME!Nero1116. Piecewise Constant Function14 May 2007 11:380  

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