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Discussion of Problem 1117. Hierarchy

Mistake in English statement?mouse_wireless21117. Hierarchy6 Aug 2018 11:301  
Error in problem statementOtrebus1117. Hierarchy12 Apr 2015 19:090  
AC program DP idealakerka1117. Hierarchy4 Jun 2014 18:030  
Dymanic Programing.Y.Y.M.1117. Hierarchy4 May 2013 19:116  
I got AC , but who can tell me how to use DP there (I solved this problem without DP , using log2 )nobik1117. Hierarchy21 Jun 2012 17:180  
what is the answer for 1 15 ?MadPsyentist/Sam1117. Hierarchy28 Sep 2009 21:485  
Invalid test 9Fyodor Menshikov1117. Hierarchy29 Oct 2008 10:281  
Hint ++ with tests!Tolstobrov_Anatoliy[Ivanovo SPU]1117. Hierarchy9 Jan 2008 19:032  
pls pls pls pls pls help... how to store so many numbersmanishmmulani1117. Hierarchy3 Jan 2008 18:512  
Would someone tell me what is the answer for : 1 2^31-1.Rostislav1117. Hierarchy22 Feb 2007 18:583  
Could anyone explain me why the answer for test 1 8 is 4?Dima1117. Hierarchy8 Aug 2006 21:092  
some more test pls....I got WA on test #16yuri1117. Hierarchy6 Aug 2005 17:102  
can any one tell me the meaning of this problem?liuzhizhi1117. Hierarchy22 Jul 2004 15:220  
Why is the prob statement so tortuous? Just saying the hierachy is a 'full sorted binary tree with continuous integer labels starting with 1' is enough, so why waste as many as two paragraphs?Maigo Akisame (maigoakisame@yahoo.com.cn)1117. Hierarchy15 Jul 2004 13:440  
At the first glance,this problem is hard to understand what it says and seem to be difficult.After thinking for a while,you'll find it can be done in a very easy way.(Email:hyz12345678@163.com)Huang Yizheng1117. Hierarchy3 Jun 2004 19:321  
How to slove it?? Any hints?tbtbtb911117. Hierarchy23 Apr 2004 11:101  
Who can explain me this problem?(-)Algorist1117. Hierarchy10 Aug 2002 16:044  

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