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Discussion of Problem 1118. Nontrivial Numbers

To admins : triviality of 1_icy_1118. Nontrivial Numbers26 Nov 2022 22:511  
WA 7???mdebvisitor@mail.ru1118. Nontrivial Numbers4 Aug 2021 15:170  
if you have WA7alp1118. Nontrivial Numbers4 Aug 2021 15:171  
if u have WA5Rabbit Girl ♥1118. Nontrivial Numbers4 Aug 2021 13:541  
Test 5???mdebvisitor@mail.ru1118. Nontrivial Numbers4 Aug 2021 13:520  
The time limitSavchuk Nickolay1118. Nontrivial Numbers23 Mar 2021 17:290  
What can be the reason of WA 11? I'll be glad if you give some tests.D4nick1118. Nontrivial Numbers19 Nov 2020 04:352  
Why wa 11??wiwi1118. Nontrivial Numbers19 Nov 2020 04:280  
HELP PLEASE WA TEST#8Лерник Казарян [RAU]1118. Nontrivial Numbers11 Sep 2020 21:291  
2 Judges: TEST ARE WRONG!!! Here is a prove... (+)Akshin Salimov1118. Nontrivial Numbers31 Dec 2018 14:358  
Triviality(1)=?Danila1118. Nontrivial Numbers31 Dec 2018 12:151  
ASDbuyolitsez1118. Nontrivial Numbers13 Nov 2018 22:110  
who can tell me test 3 plesaseeeeee write answerBOTLMahir1118. Nontrivial Numbers13 Nov 2018 22:113  
AC in 0.015 Aditya Singh1118. Nontrivial Numbers10 Feb 2018 15:291  
Test 4LiZheng1118. Nontrivial Numbers25 Dec 2017 17:5117  
WA9 please helpgenchildren1118. Nontrivial Numbers4 Jan 2017 13:481  
HintTakanashi Rikka1118. Nontrivial Numbers20 Nov 2016 01:523  
i got Ac use 0.02sruwelcome1118. Nontrivial Numbers25 May 2016 14:394  
Some tips (got AC using 0.031s)Adrian1118. Nontrivial Numbers25 May 2016 14:373  
usefull hint(prime number)Дмитрий1118. Nontrivial Numbers14 Apr 2016 04:220  

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