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Discussion of Problem 1120. Sum of Sequential Numbers

For those who get WA 18MyCatWantsToKill1120. Sum of Sequential Numbers26 Dec 2020 11:230  
What is the answer for 111111113 Samvel1120. Sum of Sequential Numbers15 Sep 2020 17:255  
AC~~~happy~~zxy_snow1120. Sum of Sequential Numbers7 Aug 2019 04:272  
Cause of WA 9Ender1120. Sum of Sequential Numbers4 May 2019 11:500  
About Test 2rodge(Vologda ML)1120. Sum of Sequential Numbers14 Apr 2019 11:043  
what it test number 3 ???plague1120. Sum of Sequential Numbers31 Jan 2019 18:293  
as of Feb 2018, what is test #4?LordPhantom1120. Sum of Sequential Numbers3 Feb 2018 01:390  
If you use P(P+2A-1)=2N but have WAIlushaMax1120. Sum of Sequential Numbers30 Mar 2017 20:401  
WA9 ! what's wrong with my code !?! my code hereFarhad Ghasemi1120. Sum of Sequential Numbers15 Feb 2017 18:052  
Please help me to continue my solutionIlushaMax1120. Sum of Sequential Numbers29 Apr 2016 01:030  
почему WA 9 ? помогитеJamesBond_0071120. Sum of Sequential Numbers9 Apr 2016 00:430  
WHY TLE ON TEST #9 MY COD IS SIMPLEЛерник Казарян [RAU]1120. Sum of Sequential Numbers14 Nov 2015 14:281  
Test # 7 why?AlexRad1120. Sum of Sequential Numbers30 Mar 2015 09:411  
Haha. I'll AC this problem :Dhomealone11120. Sum of Sequential Numbers27 Mar 2015 11:560  
WA on test nr.4Climova Olga1120. Sum of Sequential Numbers24 Feb 2015 13:120  
WA #3Sirojiddin Abdukarimov1120. Sum of Sequential Numbers5 Nov 2014 18:080  
Why is this WA (#2)?mbrc1120. Sum of Sequential Numbers7 May 2014 13:121  
ACAguero -=Yaroslavl SU #2=-1120. Sum of Sequential Numbers12 Nov 2013 16:440  
Expression for this problemPhan Hoài Nam - Đại học Ngoại ngữ Tin Học TP.HCM1120. Sum of Sequential Numbers25 Jun 2013 23:573  
You can get it in just about O(sqrt(n))nickolas stoudemire1120. Sum of Sequential Numbers14 Nov 2012 00:182  

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