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Discussion of Problem 1125. Hopscotch

SPOILER. HintandreyDagger1125. Hopscotch16 Sep 2021 16:210  
HINT for WA2tiancaihb1125. Hopscotch2 Oct 2015 16:401  
Im getting CRASH on test2. plz helpIbragim Atadjanov1125. Hopscotch4 Jan 2015 14:551  
Test2 Crashpmartynov1125. Hopscotch31 Dec 2012 04:180  
Hints for TL ( Don't read if u wanna think )ACSpeed - Nguyen Khac Tung1125. Hopscotch17 Dec 2011 09:580  
It's very simple problem!!!!Hakobyan Tigran(RAU 902)1125. Hopscotch1 Oct 2010 12:230  
Plz,are there any skills to solve it in TL?SunMoonStar1125. Hopscotch16 May 2010 20:403  
This test can help youBarsuk Alexey [Pskov]1125. Hopscotch25 Apr 2010 22:170  
Where is my error ? I got WA . Can you help me ! PlsUrsachi Ionut1125. Hopscotch19 Sep 2009 02:203  
A question about sample testAlMag1125. Hopscotch27 Aug 2009 16:082  
Please somebody explain me the solutionHusan1125. Hopscotch6 Oct 2008 20:040  
mistake in problem statementAlexander Mangilyov (TNU)1125. Hopscotch17 Jul 2007 16:341  
I have a WA on test 2.Andrey Vusik1125. Hopscotch21 Feb 2007 20:530  
What mean integer num of meter?Piratek-(akaDK)1125. Hopscotch18 Jan 2007 22:531  
101 kb 0.001 sВиктор Крупко1125. Hopscotch20 Jun 2005 01:330  
Please, does anyone give me AC program(Pascal). I got WA always. My mail:marina_twins@mail.rumarina_ufa1125. Hopscotch4 Jun 2004 12:100  
Please, does anyone give me AC program(Pascal). I got WA always.marina_ufa1125. Hopscotch2 Jun 2004 12:472  
I got WA!!! Who can help me?Li Xun1125. Hopscotch12 May 2004 09:391  
I got TL WHo can help me?!!!kkk1125. Hopscotch26 May 2002 16:020  
I got TLkkk1125. Hopscotch26 May 2002 16:020  

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