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Discussion of Problem 1128. Partition into Groups

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Weak tastzwqzwq1128. Partition into Groups15 Sep 2021 19:081  
why 1 6 is a wrong answer?esbybb1128. Partition into Groups7 Jan 2017 06:092  
Tests must be improvedraggzy1128. Partition into Groups24 Nov 2013 22:001  
(to anyone who got AC): Is "NO SOLUTION" impossible for your AC?Locomotive1128. Partition into Groups13 Jan 2013 01:4818  
To adminsTimur Sitdikov (MSU Tashkent)1128. Partition into Groups18 Aug 2011 17:372  
What algo?r1d11128. Partition into Groups18 Aug 2011 16:215  
AC code in C++.is this problem has O(n) algo ???hoan1128. Partition into Groups18 Jul 2011 19:442  
why semple is correct?Den1128. Partition into Groups16 Dec 2010 23:241  
WA#8, help meФилиппов Илья (УЛ)1128. Partition into Groups11 Nov 2010 00:222  
Sample output seems contradictory with description!orlando221128. Partition into Groups7 May 2009 01:592  
No solutionLebedev_Nicolay[Ivanovo SPU]1128. Partition into Groups7 Mar 2009 14:462  
wa#6... why bfs don't work?Crash_access_violation1128. Partition into Groups18 Feb 2009 01:205  
I have a little question about the subject statementlian lian1128. Partition into Groups17 Feb 2009 18:241  
Helplql19931128. Partition into Groups29 Nov 2008 10:231  
Please help me.I've WA#3.If you can,please,give me some tests.Thank!!!!Here is my code:Search1128. Partition into Groups2 Sep 2008 18:272  
who can give more tricky tests please?Yashar Abbasov1128. Partition into Groups8 Jan 2008 03:201  
No messageQuiet WOLF1128. Partition into Groups14 Aug 2007 17:143  
problem1128 samplefinalfantasy1128. Partition into Groups11 May 2007 12:261  
For Juri : One interesting testPSV1128. Partition into Groups28 Mar 2007 02:043  
Problem 1128 "Partition into groups" has been rejudged (+)Sandro (USU)1128. Partition into Groups11 Jan 2007 21:111  

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