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Discussion of Problem 1129. Door Painting

Some testsКонобейцев Иван Олегович1129. Door Painting15 Sep 2022 09:360  
IdeaFelix_Mate1129. Door Painting27 Aug 2015 15:360  
WHAT WRONG WITH TEST 10Piratek-(akaDK)1129. Door Painting18 Aug 2015 04:352  
No subjectZayakin Andrey[PermSU]1129. Door Painting22 Jul 2014 22:132  
Solution always EXISTS!!!Tigran92[RAU_902]1129. Door Painting21 Nov 2010 19:121  
test #5 - Graph is not connectivityUdSU: Ajtkulov, Kotegov, Saitov1129. Door Painting6 Aug 2010 09:353  
About Java...DWED1129. Door Painting28 Aug 2009 07:222  
To adminplayer1129. Door Painting13 Jul 2009 09:172  
Would you like to do me a favor to post me a copy of testing data?orlando221129. Door Painting26 Mar 2009 10:170  
i don't think the numbers of adjacent lodgings follow in ascending order!pittycat1129. Door Painting1 Aug 2008 14:411  
I used Greedy and got AC.By the way,why the AC rate is so high?Yu YuanMing1129. Door Painting1 Aug 2008 14:401  
Is that Possible&Piratek-(akaDK)1129. Door Painting1 Aug 2008 14:391  
problem 1129tyana1129. Door Painting1 Aug 2008 14:384  
How to avoid TLE in Test#10?Nickolas Kakà1129. Door Painting1 Aug 2008 14:371  
1129tyana1129. Door Painting13 Jan 2008 20:420  
Show Test 10Piratek-(akaDK)1129. Door Painting6 Oct 2007 01:090  
help me pleas writen this programmTitan1129. Door Painting9 Jul 2007 22:482  
Good Problem) AlexF [USTU]1129. Door Painting30 Jun 2007 21:030  
Could anyone give me a hint or point out my mistake? (WA10)Tbilisi SU: Eldar Bogdanov1129. Door Painting6 Oct 2006 22:590  
Problem 1129 "Door painting". Rejudge (+)Vladimir Yakovlev (USU)1129. Door Painting9 Aug 2005 22:190  

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