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Discussion of Problem 1130. Nikifor's Walk

How to solve it in O(N)Victor Barinov (TNU)1130. Nikifor's Walk11 Aug 2022 04:2210  
L < 100 is a lieASK1130. Nikifor's Walk6 Apr 2018 21:410  
Answer for testTruMen [Lviv NU][Timus Battle]1130. Nikifor's Walk26 Sep 2016 21:525  
To admins: weak testsSirko1130. Nikifor's Walk23 Dec 2015 10:042  
for wa5Ade [FDU]1130. Nikifor's Walk5 Dec 2014 21:050  
Please!!! what is wrong with my code. WA2?????????????Shohruh1130. Nikifor's Walk6 Jan 2013 23:480  
why Time limit exceed and wa5 Flip1130. Nikifor's Walk16 Oct 2011 21:510  
WA8vksv1130. Nikifor's Walk29 Mar 2011 11:410  
help why i wa5Edric Mao1130. Nikifor's Walk13 Dec 2010 20:571  
wa5 with O(N)wRabbits_AlMag(VNTU)1130. Nikifor's Walk2 Feb 2010 15:010  
wa37!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mikucon1130. Nikifor's Walk26 Mar 2009 13:320  
deleteCanhtoan1130. Nikifor's Walk29 Oct 2008 19:270  
A hint for confused solvers.198808xc1130. Nikifor's Walk13 Aug 2008 11:430  
Problem 1130 "Nikifor's walk" has been rejudged (+)Vladimir Yakovlev (USU)1130. Nikifor's Walk13 May 2008 02:460  
Anybody who knows an O(N) solution, please, give some hintsVC15 (Orel STU)1130. Nikifor's Walk12 Feb 2008 18:360  
I've read about O(N^2)... (+)AlMag1130. Nikifor's Walk28 Sep 2007 14:189  
Weak tests???Vedernikoff Sergey1130. Nikifor's Walk31 Aug 2007 02:450  
I wonder, why I get WA? Please, help me!Nazarov Denis (nsc2001@rambler.ru)1130. Nikifor's Walk28 Aug 2007 19:472  
O(2^N) works!Alexander Kouprin1130. Nikifor's Walk15 May 2007 00:480  
O(N^2) && AC[Ural SU] GetTester1130. Nikifor's Walk23 Jan 2007 19:202  

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