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Discussion of Problem 1131. Copying

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WA2 HintSukarna Paul1131. Copying13 Apr 2021 17:511  
if WA3Programmer9561131. Copying13 Jan 2021 09:492  
time exceeded。。can you help me make it faster?xinxin1131. Copying15 May 2020 04:213  
time limit on python 3 HELP PLEASE I GIVE MONEYivan2281131. Copying13 Feb 2020 06:122  
Test 10 hintYan_Olerinskiy1131. Copying23 Jan 2020 02:301  
WA10, help me please)Roman Hrynevych1131. Copying21 Jan 2020 01:341  
WA5 What is wrong? help pls.Dmitry_Terenichev1131. Copying16 Jan 2020 21:132  
WA 2DejaVu1131. Copying5 Oct 2019 23:011  
for those ,who don't know what to do with WA 7,8;Ivan1131. Copying4 Jun 2019 22:491  
WA 2 py 3.6DonCezario1131. Copying16 Apr 2019 01:331  
What is TLE at test 8??Iqramul Islam1131. Copying11 Mar 2019 01:481  
what is test 6????? Please Heeeeelp!!!Yusufjon1131. Copying30 Jul 2018 19:161  
I have one formula but WA8. Give me some tests plsFeriter1131. Copying29 Jul 2018 12:581  
Wrong answer on Test Case 4:FN21871131. Copying1 May 2018 11:131  
WA6hatred1131. Copying5 Apr 2018 20:275  
Test 6Shorekh1131. Copying9 Feb 2018 04:112  
Wrong tests? n = 1marina3111131. Copying10 Jan 2018 07:121  
WA4!!HELPelsukov431131. Copying20 Nov 2017 00:346  
There's a problem with test case 7..This is my programANKUR SAKHALA1131. Copying21 Mar 2016 15:461  
wrong ans #4.Is there any test. Bahodir | {TUIT} |1131. Copying22 Oct 2015 17:443  

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